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  • prospero
    prospero replied to the thread Tone down the gold..
    Raw Shellac (Button Polish) works sometimes, although it can impart an 'orangey' tint depending on the moulding. There are darker shades...
  • FramerInTraining
    FramerInTraining reacted to neilframer's post in the thread RIP Marty Horowitz with Like Like.
    Sad to hear of this, Mo. There is a void in our Framing Force. RIP Marty
  • FramerInTraining
    Our industry mourns the passing of Marty Horowitz. He was a great, witty, bad-ass frame maker. RIP Marty...
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  • artfolio
    artfolio replied to the thread Tone down the gold..
    It depends on the finish of the moulding. I had an artist customer who liked a cheap(ish) gold moulding which had a bright yellow gold...
  • Larry Peterson
    Larry Peterson replied to the thread Mouse problem.
    Your next rodent should be optical. Nothing for cat hair to get into.
  • Framar
    Framar replied to the thread Mouse problem.
    Da mouse arrived at my shop and is being held at my neighbor's awaiting my return (if they ever open the US/Canadian border again)...
  • T
    Thank you. I did find the site with information for specialists 20-30 miles away.
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