Wizard Virtual Gallery


Oct 25, 2000
East Hanover, NJ
Has anyone on the Grumble used or is considering using the Wizard Vitual Gallery? I've done some reading on it and it appears to be an invaluable product for those in the art & framing business. Please share your thought and opinions.

Thanks in advance for your insight.
If you have a Wizard, you might want to give them a call. Someone called me from Art Information, the company Wizard International purchased, which has the virtual gallery. They offered me a free trial of the virtual gallery. I think it ran until the end of May.
We've used Virtual Gallery for years and except for a few software glitches, find it a valuable tool. We sell a wide variety of limited editions and VG gives us quick reference for that customer looking for a "Landry flower market print."

I suggest a computer with at least 32 MB of Ram to handle the graphics efficiently.

One added feature is that it entertains waiting husbands and children while mom does the designing. Even the computer illiterate can figure out how to use it.

If you are a limited edition dealer, you may want this machine to be internet connected. Eventually, all publishers will have detailed web sites that both you and your customers can access to determine price, availability, edition sizes, etc. This will be a pivotal sales tool, saving us all time and aggravation.
We've had Virtual Gallery for over a year. It's had some software glitches, but overall it is well worth the price.

We also tried the Virtual Framer -- a goes-with program -- and gave it up after a few weeks. I now have a newer (beta) version in the computer, which has several improvements. It's come a long way since I tried it before & I know additional improvements are planned for it; I might try it again now.

Customers love Virtual Gallery because it shows more accurately-indexed art in an hour than they can see in a day any other way. We like it because it sells prints, and prints sell framing. Life is good.
We've had Virtual Gallery for a few months and the customers and we like it. Sometimes the prices are not correct. We called Wizard or whatever, and they said there are some software problems. We always call Lieberman's first to double check the prices. That's kind of a hassle, especially on weekends. I hope the software bugs are out soon.

New York Graphics and Bruce McGaw don't seem to be on the Virtual Gallery. That's too bad because we like these companies, too.