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Wizard problems


True Grumbler
Mar 2, 2002
I am having problems with the Wizard CMC. The bevels are rough, also getting wavy cuts. Seems to have stumped the techs. I am getting the impression they think I am being to particular. I have a hard time believing Brian Wolf accepts that standard of quality. In the meantime I have wasted three months rent/corners, as well as my time and materials.
Is anybody else having any problems????
Have you tried to send Wizard sample mats indicating the problem? Although this will take several days, it might be a bit easier for the Wizard help staff to understand what is the nature of problem.

Susan Gittlen
Whispering Woods Gallery
Holland Pa
We have never had anything but responsive service from Wiz. I can't imagine ever being without it.

It is our third machine, so far, and I would have employees flat-out walk out the door if I ever got rid of it.

In fact, on the service side, we have never gone a full day without follow up for any call we have had.

I really don't know what the extent of the service problem you are having is. But it is so foreign to anything we have ever seen.

I guess there is always one that just doesn't work out; that goes for equipment as well as customers.

Sorry if that is the case
I'll ask the obvious. Have you replaced the backer board lately, put in a new blade?

We had some trouble with wavey cuts - it was a bad batch of blades.

We too are incrediably picky, but Wizard has always given us the assistance that we have needed with any problems (few and far between).
We had a problem with Wavy cuts/hooking, and the belts needed retensioning. I notice that we have to do this every 4-6 weeks, and the cuts are always perfect.

Did they have you do this?

We had to loosen the bolts on the right side of the tensioning assembly (black bolt with red dot), wiggle the tensioning assembly to let it out, then re-tighten. The springs keep the belts tight, and it needs to be loosened once in a while so it can do its job as the rubber belts stretch.

Low air pressure could cause this too.


I saw your post this morning and I want to let you know that I am looking in to your issues.

I do see in our Help Desk support notes that we have been working the problem from our end by sending you a new head to determine if that may be the cause of the problem you are having. From your initial post I was worried that we hadn't been responsive to you, but once again I saw that our Help Desk was on top of things and is awaiting samples from you so we can assess the cuts.

In the mean time, Susan, Bob, Maryann, and Mike thank you for being so responsive yourselves. In addition to our outstanding Help Desk, the one thing a Wizard user can always count on is generous help from other Wizard users.
sort of off topic -
had to call Wizard at noon to help me import a VCADD file that Bob and I had designed (a keystone that I'm quite proud of). Carl had me cutting within 60 seconds. THANKS!
I had a one of the old Wizards for a few years. I never had a problem that the help desk could not solve. Your problem sounds like a chain or belt tension problem. You could also be setting your blade to deep. Hang in there, Wizard will solve your problem, including the wasted corners. Once you get the bugs out and the machine has you trained, you will be surprised at how few problems you will have. It's kind of like a marriage, the first year is a bitch, then things just start working great.

we have also had a bad batch of blades that caused all the problems described. also, ask for wizard "premium" blades when ordering.