Will you be open on July 5th?


PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 20, 2001
Powell, OH
All of my suppliers are closed and my employees are asking.

My gut felling is that retail should be open. The fireworks will all be shot, the barbques will have cooled down. What reason is there to be closed, other than the state and other goverment offices will be?

I have started a poll on this. Please go and vote.
In our area, most people are traveling to or from so we have always taken off the 3rd-5th of July. We plan on traveling ourselves.
I'm normally closed on Monday.
I'm also going to be on vacation from July 1st-July 7th.
I have plans to open a fifth on or near the fourth of July!!

Me an' the boys in the band are hoping it'll be a Grand Opening!!
I'll be open on the 3rd and the 5th...don't ask me why cause it sounds like everyone will be on vacation. i must be crazy! maybe it's time to reconsider cause i am REALLY tired. Ok I'll be closed.
Closed, Monday is my "day off", but my employee normally works Mon-Thurs. It's a vacation day for him, so why should I work? The "Gone Fishin'" sign will be up.
Closed Monday the 5th. And Saturday the 3rd thru Sunday the 11th for vacation... It has proven to be a very slow week and a good time for an independent retailer to close and put the "gone fishin'" sign up.

For the business I may MISS (not lose, since my loyal customers will return and are understanding) - it is worth the peace of mind I get from a vacation week.

I equate this week's vacation to the year as a lunch hour (15mins) is to a day. Gotta take a break and refresh and renew - life is way too short!!

Happy 4th to all,

We have not been open on Mondays for the last 12 months, but if I were open on Mondays I would close for the 5th. We have learned over the years that it was not worth it to be open July 3-5 when it falls on a weekend. The other framer in town typically closes for at least 1 week over the 4th of July holiday, so I don't feel its a risk to close for a few days. It really depends on your location. Have you been open long enough to track sales on those days? Enjoy your holiday, Grumblers!
Have you been open long enough to track sales on those days?
We opened in 1970, but this is the first year I remember the 4th folling on a Sunday. Most offices will be closed and all those folks not traveling will be looking for something to do. Hopefully a few will drop-in to have some framing done
We have generaly done well on days that the state & feds have closed (Martin Luther King day) and the like.

Again it come down to, Will our customers expect us to be open?
I am actually considering opening on the 5th... Hanna, can I come see your shrink?

I think half of my customers will think I may be open and half will assume that I am not, hopefully they'll call first. I'd like to spend some time with my boyfriend.

I got it... if it's warm and sunny, I'll be closed, if it's rainy and chilly, I'll open. Can I put that on the outgoing voice mail message...?

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The 4th of July vacation plans have just been finalized this morning......Just as last year(has it really been a year?)I will be closing my store 45 minutes early on Saturday to attend the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Actually, last year I took an hour but I had to cut down this year. I had high hopes that June would go out with a bang since it started with one but instead it is going out with a pffffpffftppppffffttt so it wasn't in the budget this year for the full hour.

I am awaiting Saturday at 4:15 with huge anticipation. I have many minutes of activities planned(41 so far). Which only leaves me 4 minutes to sit back and relax............ahhh, good times!
I got it... if it's warm and sunny, I'll be closed, if it's rainy and chilly, I'll open.
That actually makes good business sense.

Around here on the weekend, if it's nice, people find something to do outside - even if it's yard work.

If it's really awful out, they think, "Well, the day is shot anyway, so I might as well go see Ron and get something framed."

I don't understand why I don't have a complex about this.
Oops, the last four minutes just filled up, turns out there is road construction on the way to the arts festival, I'll be taking an alternate route.....Now the whole 45 minutes is accounted for. I'll have to schedule a 10 minute respite just to recover.......what a whirlwind of activity.....

28th wedding anniversary is July 4, so we're having a quiet stay at a remote Bed & Breakfast for the 3-day weekend.
I have 2 stores. 1 is in a mall and the mall is closed.

The other I'm closing because, and I may be wrong about this but it seems I do get reported and audited every dang time I'm wrong the wrong way, July 5th is designated the federal holiday so if my employees work I need to pay them time and a half.