What is a lumigraph?


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Mar 2, 2003
I just got the new Kinkade info it lists as a description "Lumigraph, S/N"


Just making it up as he goes along.
"Lumigraph Art uniquely captures the artists' vision in their original artwork and transforms each replication into a masterpiece with vibrant colors,"

Great how they are able to read the artist's mind!
I just finished framing a Kinkade puzzle.

Why do people do this?

David- I think that page was written by a "master embellisher"! Hey, I'VE got in-house certificate-printing capabilities.
Oh crap...ita a KInkade thread!

Steph, step away from the topic. Remember the TC thread...bad Steph, bad girl!

Oh please..like the rest of you don't talk to yourselves!
Does the customer with a TK piece have money that is the came color as the customer with a Agam?

Or is the credit card of a customer with a TK piece of less value to pay toward the rent and payroll than a customer with Tin Type?

The question was posed: "Why do they do this to US?"

You mean (I ask to all of you who constantly sneer and vomit at TK) why do they patronize our establishment and provide us a livelihood?

What if it was some gaudy wedding invitation being

What if it was tasteful art by and artist you approve of? Does that make it better?

What about a Dogs Playing Poker beach towel?

That's pretty high on the cheese factor. Is that customer’s money as bad as the customer with the TK?

I've framed some really ugly things very beautifully for a good deal of money.

I've also framed a great deal of very beautiful items in an incredibly ugly fashion for a good deal of money.

And the customer was pleased as punch with thier ugly *** frame.

To put it simply: You put out a shingle that said bring in your crap and I'll frame it.

Or perhaps your shingle says bring on only good items that I approve of, if you don't bring in what I like, or items that meet my obvioulsly superior discerning taste, I'll be forced to turn you away.

Or maybe even it says: Bring in what you want. If you however bring in items that don't meet my highly subjective but obvioulsly superior discerning taste, I will prostitute myself for money, but all the while I'll look down on you.

Last I checked a majority of TK items still go into a 4 sided frame. Sometimes with glazing and matting depending upon the media, and the client requirements.

That also happens to sound like 98% of the rest of the items that pass thru my, or for that matter, your door.

Is it commerece, or is it not?

Is it just sales and marketing, or is it the arbiter of taste and style?

If you gush or compliment the customers work, or at least marvel at how difficlut it was to make the freaking puzzle, you will get an add'l 20 or 30%, or even 100%.

If you sneer, grit your teeth, or just cool it to extreme neutral you will kill your own sale.

You are selling something to please the customer not yourself.

You are in business to serve the customer. Serve them, and they will in turn serve up profite.

Serve them with disdain, and starve them of your effusive service, you starve yourself.

I don't mean to rant, nor am I railing after a particular single person.

It's just that I keep reading all the TK slam threads.

And it hits me that all the TK haters are just like prostitues laying down for the money and cursing the Johns for using them.

If you think the TK art is bad, and you think that TK is personally bad, take a look at yourself for hooking yourself to frame that TK piece, as you hand the customer the finished frame job, and pick up the wad of cash from the bedside table.

OK. So maybe the rhetoric is a bit heavy. But it's the thought that counts. Sorry if I offend, but get a grip folks. A customer is a customer, and money is money.

You are in business conducting commerece.

Act like it.

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Preliminary Disclaimer: Personal opinion and only personal opinion!

I don't turn away Kinkades or Doolittle prints or Wal-Mart posters or anything else that is in good taste and is frameable but I DO have a problem with the repeated very boring bash threads on Kinkade, Doolittle, or Wally World. Admitedly, Doolittle has dropped by the wayside since her 17th retirement and Kinkade is branching out into items that probably wouldn't be of the frameable nature (I'm not sure my creative juices could come up with a framing scheme for TK potty paper) and Wally World is, ....... well, Wally World, but I still take anyone's money or plastic or checks that want to cross my threshold with any of that "art".

When somebody says "Oh, ........ TK again!!!!" I am taking it to mean "not another rant on Kinkade art (that we have to endure)!!!!!" and not "I wouldn't frame TK if he were the last artist on the face of the earth!!!!!". That would be a very silly attitude to take concerning potential income for your business, wouldn't you think??

I know that many of the framers who contribute to these boring rants on TK and others will still take the money for framing one of their pieces and run all the way to the bank. I think that the rants are just an opportunity for many to let off some pent up steam and frustration that has built up when they think to themselves (late at night ............ in the quiet privacy of their bed)

"Now why didn't I think of painting little brightly lit gingerbread cottages in peaceful dells with streams that defy the gravitional pull of the planet???" Yeah, a bit of "Wrong Place at the Wrong Time" syndrome taking over to cloud their judgement, maybe.

But, your overall point is quite valid, Marc. (I think I found your overall point buried in that tirade?). "Why bite that hand that feeds you??"

I don't think that is always the case. We all have our little bitches about one thing or another and, when an opening comes up that affords us the opportunity to vent those bitches, most will seize the carp and feel better in the end, no?

One of my gripes, for example, is people who bitch about people who bitch all the time!! Heck if some people didn't bitch, none of the rest of us would have anything to bitch about!!

While I understand the fact that this thread is about Lumigraphs, and that Ron posted a few links to the Kinkade web site, I am a little confused why we have just been bashed about dis-liking Kinkade. We have the right to dis-like ANY art that comes in to our shop.

If you notice, Sue said "I just finished framing a Kinkade puzzle." That means (at least to me) that she accepted money in exchange for faming services. She did her job. So, my question is, MARK, why would you preach to us about taking their money!?!? Sue DID.

Next time, please don't preach.

Now, my question:
If a Lumigraph is an advanced form of picture, what will it do to the Photo industry? :D
from the Lumigraph page

To secure and authenticate your work, you may choose to have your personal signature applied to each fine art replication.
Does that mean that they are going to put my signature on the FAR™?

Why? What would that prove, other than that I was dumb enough to fall for yet another TK gimmick?
After rereading this thread, I still don't understand why anyone would spend good money framing a $10 puzzle, esp. a Kinkade, and hang it in their home but you can consider it a rhetorical question.

I believe Baer's post was tongue-in-cheek and meant to be light hearted fun. Because he took the time to acknowledge me and my post, it made me feel good inside. Sue's post was supportive and made me feel good, too.

I started participating in the Grumble because I wanted the acceptance, support, and friendship of fellow framers. Why? I really don't know. I'll probably never even meet any of you! If I had one, my shrink would say it's wasted energy and it's time to move on.

I'll be ok because my husband and friends always listen when I want to bash Kinkade, my customers, vendors, or anyone else and they still love me anyway!
Hey Sue anytime you want to bash Kinkade just give me a call. I'm going to hall anyway LOL. ;)
Besides I am the one who asked for the barfing graemilin specifically to use on TK threads.


.....and yesterday when I went to see mom, guess what she had on her little card table?

A freaking Kinkade puzzle AARARRRGGGGGGGG

I swear I am not framing it...I only frame them for money!
Yeah, Marc was a bit over the top, but I do like his point. It's like the 'street' version of what Jay Goltz is always trying to keep us focused on - making profits.

To put it simply: You put out a shingle that said bring in your crap and I'll frame it.
Brilliant! There is a lot of "it" that comes with "the territory".

I do think that part of what plagues all of us is that we are in the retail grind. The type of attitudes and comments Marc was reacting too are all too often what happens when you deal with the public in this manner. But you expect it more with employees then with owners.
Originally posted by Steph:
A freaking Kinkade puzzle AARARRRGGGGGGGG

Several years ago my mother gave me a TK puzzle for Christmas. We put it together and my intention was to frame it. HONEST!! This was before I got burnt out on TK marketing, pushed over the edge by the TK toilet paper.

I still have it in my puzzle caddy, waiting to be framed. It won't be, as I intend on taking it apart and donating it to the Senior Center, and I know they will love it. It also won't be framed by me because I'm no longer enamoured by TK. But my mother is, and I won't have the heart to give back the two small giclee-on-canvas-framed, that she gave us for Christmas a couple of years, ago. I love them, they're the lighthouse ones, I don't care who painted them.

So...I'm saying it right here...I have two TK's hanging on my wall at home, and I don't care what anyone thinks about it. My mother loved them, and so do I. The titles are about getting through a storm and about Serenity,and they signify a storm that we got through a few years ago, and are grateful for the peace we have now.

I still might frame that puzzle and give it to my mother to hang in her house, with the other TK several prints I've framed for her because SHE loves them.

As for puzzles, I need that caddy to bring in a puzzle that I asked her and my aunt to put together, to frame and hang in the shop, to say "We will frame your puzzles" It isn't a TK. It's by James C. Christensen, one of several puzzles by various artists that I sell in the shop. Puzzles are a pain, but so what! I frame all kinds of PITA stuff, what's the difference?

To those of you complaining about framing customers' TK art, I say GET OVER IT and realize that other folks love them, and it's what they like that counts, not what I like or don't. I'm tired of TK bashing too, and got involved with a couple of other threads and bashed along with others. I let myself get caught up in it and I'm ashamed of myself and I won't do it again. Those customers are paying my rent, and I'm grateful for them.

I say BRING 'EM ON!!
And the puzzles too! Ka-CHING!
I am puzzled by all this hoopla over somebody's dislike for TK's puzzles.

If a Grumbler doesn't like TK, that's their privilege. One doesn't have to fall in love with every piece a customer schleps into the store. Some are good, others are bad, and the rest are plain ugly.

And if some "artist" prostitutes a religion to sell his art, then he doesn't pass the smell test either.

If somebody wants to express their dislike for ANY art, well good for them. Last time I heard, we had freedom of choice on top of freedom of speech.

For those who are offended by anybody's dislike for TK, Picasso or Martha Stewart, well, tough nuggets!
We get our fair share of TK stuff to frame here too.

My problem with this sort of 'twee' stuff, and other stuff I personally hate, is when the customer lays it out on the counter and says "What do you think?" or "Isn't it lovely"

I'm a hopeless liar - at least with TK stuff I can identify it immedialtely and smile, and say "Oh Yes, Thomas Kinkade .... painter of light"

(Not to be confused with JMW Turner [no relation] really really good painter of light)

Customer fails to notice the TYPE of smile!
I thought Vermeer was the Painter of Light?? Now, there was an artist!! One of my very,very favorites.
I almost peed myself laughing over the ummm passion expressed.

Listen I don't like his work...there are plenty of other artists work I dislike as well. Big whoop!I've expressed my reasons I don't need to repeat it.

I have never turned away a customer or expressed to them my distaste in their choice of art work.
Hey I'm in this because I love to frame..oh yeah and maybe I'll ghet rich doing it too.
Originally posted by Paul N:
Vermeer and TK in one thread.....now that's blasphemy...

Sorry Paul, I just couldn't help myself. I did ask my Higher Power first. She said it was okay. ;)