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Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
I found this line in a very long message from an artist.

"Actions, including but not limited to, lamination, mounting, trimming, matting, or framing, will constitute exclusive rights violations of the artist.”

No I didn’t make that up and I’m not joking. What can you do with this without “violating the artist?”
That statement doesn't make any sense!

what kind of art does this artist create? If it is art on canvas, paintings of any type, prints, or any kind of paper art images, that statement would surely negate any and all kinds of attempts to mount and frame the art!

I can understand the "trimming" and possibly the "lamination" of an original art image or a print but this artist obviously didn't give much thought to his copyright protection clause.

I would try to contact the artist and ask him/her exactly what is the meaning of that sentence.


P.S. It didn't mention inserting thumbtacks in the 4 corners of the art, did it??
Jay, if this was only posted on Warped I'm sure we could think of a number of things.
As it is, I think you have an "artist" that fancies themselves a lawyer. You should address this issue back to said artist and see if they can solve their own conundrum.
Its nothing here. This 4-paragraph statement pops up on a website when you click the "Gallery" section. It was an abstract "artist". I was too scared to keep looking, as I'm afraid her images would be cached into my hard drive and make me guilty of other violations.

You read correctly. You had to agree to those terms just to view them on the internet. I dread the day that crap comes into the shop!
Smart move, Jay.

Who can say, ......... "caching" may carry a much stronger definition to that "artist" than either "laminating" OR "trimming".

"Actions, including but NOT LIMITED TO,....."

By clicking "OK" you put the ball in her court. Not me baby!
I suspect the artist is only referring to actions taken with regard to digital images that are displayed on the Internet. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Pat is probably correct, Jay. And it may be clearer if read in the context of the rest of the document that is posted on her website.

One could download any of those images, theoretically, and print them and sell them without the artist's knowledge nor consent. I could understand her wanting to make sure that somebody doesn't "steal" her art images off of her website and market them.

I read the whole statement, and it seems to have to do with the images that are on the website. The artist doesn't want somebody using her art from the website without her permission.

Seems reasonable to me.
Pat (and Jerry) are probably correct, but they're no fun.

I choose to believe that this particular artist specializes in tattoo art.
Who would argue that?

Does copying an image illegally somehow put the framer at some sort of risk to? I just don't understand what difference it makes if you frame it or burn it if it was copied illegally.
I hope it is OK to post this link :rolleyes: http://www.whatiscopyright.org/ What is Copyright Protection.

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This is on the site at the link I posted.....
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I'll find it eventually if it is.”
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At the risk of sounding like . . . okay, I'm going to be a snob.

The artist is way too worried about anyone wanting to do anything with her art. It's not worth the effort to 'spindle, staple, laminate, . . '.

She is also trying to protect the 'market' that she has created by giving us the opprtunity to buy mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads and other such thing. There is a link to her store on CafePress.com.

I'm done now.
I'd send her an email through her web site:

Your art looks beautiful, but I don't think I wnat to buy art that can't be legally framed; you mention that mounting & framing are copyright violations. What do you suggest to your customers who wish to display your art, if framing is forbidden?"
I wonder if cutting into 4" strips and "storing" it next to the toilet paper is an option?

Of coarse that would fall under trimming...

What do you want to bet she is getting more traffic today than ever before?
The fact is if you can see the image on your computer screen, the image has all ready been downloaded to your computer.
So just by viewing her web site you have violated the "Copyright Statement" (these images may not be downloaded...)
i think some people in the arts are crazy, and some think too much of themselves. i think it is good to be thinking about your work in a professional way, and it is good to have some thing that tells the audience this is a serious person. then there is that line...the eight lines at the bottom of every stinking page that repeats the same thing...do and die. lighten up there, i have read some nice things that people have put on their work. it would make me be interested in the artist and the way they care about the work they produce. then there is stuff that makes me not look because they are so worried.
should we send some cinstructive criticism? a friend could have made this site and made this person put it up there?

Jay, Just be sure that you don't have this artists site up on your computer when your kids are around. They may be inspired by what they see, and create some of their own. And of course they will take to their favorite framer, and he,she might report it to the artist.
Originally posted by Jim Miller:
Your art looks beautiful, but I don't think I want to buy art that can't be legally framed;
The notice specifically refers to "images on this site", not "images for sale on this site".

Originally posted by snafu:

The fact is if you can see the image on your computer screen, the image has all ready been downloaded to your computer.
Downloading is active and suggests saving for future use. The image that you see on your screen is passively "downloaded" to a cache and will automatically be deleted by your computer after some period of time. Most people would have a very hard time trying to locate any file that has been "downloaded" to the cache.

OK, the person may be a bit paranoid or have a friend/lawyer who is, and may have gone a bit overboard on the detail, but I don't think they're being the least bit unreasonable in their goal.