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Waterfall prints

B. Newman

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 5, 2001
Kodak, Tn. USA
I am going nuts here. I am searching for a print (taller than wide - don't want to get into the hxw debate) of a soothing scene with a waterfall. Something along the lines of a Larry Dyke type of print. Somerset house shows one "Crystal Cascades" but it (of course) is out of print.

Anybody got a favorite artist who might do a realistic type of scene featuring a waterfall? I went to Decor Sources and looked, but would have to search each link, and on dial up it takes two forevers.

I've tried looking at sites, but I just thought I'd ask for advice. Got any?


Have you seen any of Diane Anderson's prints from Somerset House? I have quite a few of hers, she was very popular back at my old gallery, two that hang together are called, "Whispering Falls" and "Cascading Falls". Both sold for $95 issue but, if Somerset has any left, offer them $5 or $10 each for them, I guarantee they will take that to clear out the inventory.

They aren't photo-realistic but aren't too loose a style as to not be able to tell where the water ends and the land begins! :D

Here are some images of them:




The #2 tourist attraction in Oregon is Multnomah Falls... google Multnomah Falls, Oregon, art, photo etc.... and you will get more pictures than you'll ever sell....
And Mt Hood is another story too....