Value of a print by Jiang, Tiefeng??

Angie Pearson CPF

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Mar 4, 2005
Poplar Bluff, MO
Hello All, I have a customer who wants to know the value of her print. I told her I was not an appraiser by any means but I would try to see if anyone knew where I could look to find the value. I looked in the art expediter, his other prints are on there and are worth quite a bit but I didn't see this one.

Here's the info on it:
Artist: Jiang, Tiefeng
title: "Rhythm"
Serigraph signed by the artist
Edited at Colten Graphic, 1992
It is an Hors de Commerce (HC) proof # 7/20
Size 33 by 40

If anyone has any idea about where I can find the value of this print, I would be so grateful!!! I know it's probably worth a ton!!
Thanks a bunch,