Twister Tail oil


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Apr 8, 2002
I need to mount a twister tail fishing lure. The problem is oil, which bleeds onto the mat. How do I remove the oil? The last time I put the lure on some scrap mat and moved every 2 or 3 days until it stopped bleeding,took weeks
Fisherman friend of mine suggested perhaps soaking it in saltwater... then wash with soap and water afterwards.
Could you put a barrier between it and the mat? Maybe Mylar would work.

Or how about mounting it above the mat, floating? It'd have the added benefit of giving it more of a dimensional look.

Otherwise I suppose detergent would remove the oil without any problem.
First wash in Acetone... soak for about half hour then swish around... blow dry with air gun.

Then drop in a small glass of Gin overnight.. will be free of oil, and shiney....

Unless it was painted... then all bets are off, short of Madge and palmolive.

I hate those pre-oiled fishing lures...

Of course, then you have the idiots that hose their lures down with WD40, win a competition and want the whole shebang framed... fish and all.
Baer, I'm confused. What gets dropped in the gin.. the lure or the framer

Both... hopefully.

The lure of gin on a hot smoldering afternoon....

Gin has some very good cleaning powers... It is THE prefered way to clean that diamond ring or earrings..

remove from body before soaking... otherwise takes to much Gin... if that's possible. really can be used as a cleaning agent?!? WOW it seems sacreligious in some ways. But then again I always learn something here. How about vodka, I always have Greygoose in the house.

As far as the lures, floating gives such a great effect. would savwe you the trouble of wasting time and gin apparently

First get a similar lure, for testing. If you
are dealing with plasticizer, which may go throughout plastic components, that could be tough to remove, but surface oil should come off
with detergent.

"Plasticizer" Hugh, usually Gin is for just a light "high".

I would thing that Mad Dog, or fortified wine like Night Train and Thunderbird would be concidered plasticizers....

Steph, seriously, drink the Vodka, it's not just the alcohol in the Gin.. it's the turpins that do the cleaning of the finger grunge that builds up on the ring and diamonds underside.

But then again, Hugh just might be back to explain that I may just be too full of fusel oils. :D
I don't know the reason why or what is in the composition of those creme lures but many of them exude a oilly substance for as long as they exsit. I have actually seen the oily substance they emitt cause the lure to erode the trays in some of the cheaper fishing tackle boxes to the point that they almost melt through the tray.

My point being ( while I am not solveing your problem) some of these lures aren't pre-coated but emitt an oil from their composition and will continue as long as they exsist.IMHOI think it is to keep them from sticking together in packageing.So the Mylar sleve may be your best shoot .after all that is what most of them are sold in.
Buddy, that "ooze" is what Hugh was refering to. It's called a "plastisizer".. it keeps the plastic soft and plyable...

Unfortunately, as you and many have found out, it also "eats" a lot of the polystyrene trays that we use for lures and such.

I'm not even sure the Mylar is even safe... but I would start with dish soap.. as it has the highest alkaloid content.

Or buy a "test" matching lure and go for the acetone...
The acetone did not work, it eat the lure, customer has another. Not sure what I will do?
Originally posted by ctc:
The acetone did not work, it eat the lure, customer has another. Not sure what I will do?
You really put acetone on it? I'm sure Baer was kidding -- too bad you didn't pick up on his failed attempt at humor.

The soft, flexible plastic is made to "exude" something -- perhaps an oil that contains a preservative for the plastic, or a fish-attracting scent? If so, then chances are that you would never get it all out of the lure.

Does the lure have a hook in it? It seems these come without a hook, and are to be threaded onto the hook like "real" bait. If no hook is in it, then ask the fisherman to thread it onto one.

The hook provides a sturdy mounting point. I suggest poking it into a cork or a piece of transparent aquarium tubing, to make it stand off the porous matboard surface.

Or you could use a piece of 1/4" thick clear acrylic on edge to make a stand-off, and then mount with a clear film strap or two.

It would be difficult to mount this lure without something to make it stiff and provide a way to saeparate it from the matboard background.

I guess you could place the lure on the board, using a slip of clear film, glass, or acrylic to create a barrier for its oily secretion.
3 parts Gin (esp Hendricks)
1 part Sake
garnish with peeled cucumber slice.

Made much the same as classic Martini... over cracked ice & strained into chilled glass.

And no, you can't substitute acetone for sake.
(With tongue firmly in cheek)

"And no, you can't substitute acetone for sake."

Well maybe not the Sake Wally ,it is normally a bit light .But some of the lessor grade Gins do taste almost as bad.LOL

But seriously speaking . Once My daughter had a Italian leather Blazer soiled by the Blue Pigmant on the cheek of one of the "Blue men" at a Vegas show while poseing for after the show pictures. When she didn't clean right away it became almost impossible to remove. So she contacted them by email and they actually replied apologetically and told her that when cleaning up right after the shows they normally used some form of generic Cold cream. HOWEVER when it remained and dryed they found that VODKA usually would be a good cleaning agent.

Soooo!Take what you can use and the rest make bad Sake-tinis with .Or something like that.LOL

I still say the oil on the Twisters is entended to ooze for the life of the lure.