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SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
May 8, 2003
Lubbock, Texas
Anyone ever have and or use a StretchMaster?
A guy gave me one today but didn't know anything about it.

The plate on top says Stretchmaster "Americas First Stretch Machine" from Laguna Niguel California

(It pre-dates the Thigh-Master!) :D
I used one after my knee surgery to ease out the unused mus . . . oops, sorry, just notice this wasn't Warped.

Carry on.

I think those are the things for stretching one or two whole sides of a canvas at a time, instead of how you are supposed to do it. :D But great for giclees.

You don't happen to have a photo of it do you?? It sounds similar to the canvas stretcher that we use on all our originals. If you are doing alot of canvases they are a real timesaver and will do as good a job or better than hand stretching. I have stretched as many as 40 canvases in a morning using ours and they don't crack the paint nor do they fray or stress the canvas like canvas pliers will do if you are not careful.

What size bar does it have? That is the horizontal clamping thingy across the top that holds the edge of the canvas.

Thanks, more of an (ahem) answer I was looking for. I will take a picture and upload it tonight. The contraption is 53" long and has a couple of stops on it.
It's kinda cool but it takes up a LOT of room, so I think I want to learn how to use it (just for knowin) and then donate it to the University's Art dept. Which is the second most under funded dept on campus, first being the Theatre Dept.