Small font...


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Mar 21, 2001
Redwood Valley, California
Is it just my computer? Ever since The Grumble when through the change the font is very small and a little fuzzy. I've been working on my web site and when I look at it in the page design all looks great but when I preview the site online the font becomes a lot smaller, like from a +4 to a +1. I am using Fusion 7, what have I done now? Everything else I do, and everywhere else I visit on the internet is just fine. I've tried asking at the Fusion 7 "grumble" (by the way I saw someone named Richard Eggert there! Had to laugh!). I'm just asking here in case anyone has a clue, I figure it is probably something simple that is escaping my eye...
.. or, if you're using Netscape,

Choose the View Menu then "Increase Font Size".
Thank-you! (tears of joy)
I've been trying to learn both Fusion 7, a digital camera and eBay and my brain had just hit a wall. So simple, I figured it must be. This is a good way to start my day, thankyouthankyou.