New mat design

Jean McLean

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Feb 25, 2001
Millinocket, ME, USA
I had the map but didn't want to cut a mat in the same way they are usually done. I thought the map was pretty and decided I wanted to do something special for it so with the help of Gary Stevens who is a friend and works with lots of designing software, we managed to cut this mat on my CMC. It is 40 x 56 with a double V-groove in acid-free matting. It took hrs. of work and many trial cuts until we finally cut the coastline down enough for the computer to accept it.

The word Maine has a gold mat behind it and I matched the frame to the gold. The glazing is plexi. I have a much better photo of it but it is without the frame and thought I should show this framed.

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Jean, every time I click on the url you listed, I get 'page cannot be displayed. I'm dying to see your map!!

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I am so impressed by your map/mat!! It looks good enough to be an ad for your CMC.

We can hardly wait until we can get a CMC. Of course, we will have to copy you and mat a map of Maryland!!

Thanks for sharing! Linda