New glass wipes....maybe?

Sarah Winchester

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Nov 6, 2004
Since my return to the framing business after being away for over 30 years, I've discovered many new things that I'm thankful for;
1.those little nylon corner joiner 'thingys'from Greg at Frame-tek. Wizard CMC
3.Tru-Vue's premium glass cleaner
4.The American Oak series from Art Express
5. those black sticky things to hold glass in the frame, from Herb Suesholtz.
6. Solo Glue Riter from Gluefast
7. the driver from Gemini, who is always early!
8. did I mention my Wizard?
9. and now these great little glass wipes, that a customer gave me. They are so good I told him to sell them on ebay. They are white, about a foot square, folded in half twice. They don't shedd, or leave lint, each one lasts through a compete days worth of glass. I love 'em. I don't know where he gets them, from the lab he works in, or at that big paper mill in his town, or a white elephant sale. He was kinda vague, but they are great for cleaning glass.
Originally posted by Sarah Winchester:
...9. and now these great little glass wipes, that a customer gave me....
Have you discovered UV-filtering glass, Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass, Museum Glass, and acrylic glazings yet?

Those glass products and acrylics all would be scratched by a paper wipe -- not advised.

But if those wipes are cotton, or if they're microfiber, similar to the 3M ScotchGard wipes now commonly available, then there's no problem.

You need to find out what they're made of. And let us know if it's thenextwonderfulthingwehaven'theardaboutyet.
and what about

"V" nailers
40x60 mat boards ---- in many colors and grades
a plethera of conservation materials and practices
8 ply mat boards
POS frame ordering and job control systems
I've only been framing for 20 years so I am a "newbie" of sorts......let's not forget places like the "G" where we can go to share all this new info and equipment thing to have come down the pike in a long time.

....oh yeah, the clear round bumpons, can't go wrong with those, even if they do cost more.
I've used these wipes on all types of scratching. Don't use acrylic, so don't know about that. He actually does have them listed on ebay....."Picture Framing Wipes"...duhhh!
Kathy, Would you say that the clear round bumpons are better than the felt?

What about that clear steak running down the wall.... oh, sorry, that was those brown ones. :D