New Aussie Looking for some Equipment Advice ?

Young Aussie

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Jun 21, 2006
Tasmania, Australia
Dear All

Hope you are well !!

Anyway I am very soon looking at opening my own Picture Framing Store and am after some advice as to the equipment that I should buy ?

Not sure being in Australia if the same products will be available but here is what I am looking at thus far.


Morso F - Foot Operated. Double Mitre 45 degrees, single mitre 90 degrees, cutting width 100mm, cutting height 160mm, measuring scale up to 1500mm. This machine is around $4200AUD


Hansen 8000 - Foot Operated. Max cutting width 100mm, height 160mm, 2000mm measuring scale. $2990AUD.

These are just the prices RRP, of course with haggling I might get them slightly cheaper ? I know Morso is a great brand but am not too sure about the Hansen one ?

Then the V nailers or underpinners

Alpha 1M, Bigfoot - Foot Operated underpinner. $2500AUD


A PILM Jumbo Join 101 Manual Underpinner. $1690AUD

Just to give you a little background, at the moment I am working from my garage doing work for family and friends etc. I am only using a drop saw to overcut the mouldings then a small gullotine to trim off the edges. Then I have a hand held v nail inserter etc and a pretty good mat cutter - so all pretty basic and on the low cost side of things.

I really just want reliable equipment that will last and give great results. Later on if the business goes well I might invest in the more expensive gear but for now just something that matches the above.

ANY advice will be greatly appreciated guys and gals !

Kind Regards


Welcome to The Grumble.

I cannot speak to the Hansen (never heard of it), but the Morso is a fine piece of machinery. We’ve use one for over twenty years with virtually no maintenance problems. You will need to find someone in your area that can sharpen whatever blades you end up with, though. Morso requires that they be “hollow ground” so you may end up having to ship them to the mainland. (Tasmania is an island, isn’t it?)

As far as underpinners are concerned: I have not worked with either of the ones you have listed. We have used a Pistorius VN-J (hand operated) for several years, and, ignoring the normal replacement parts due to wear and tear, it is an extremely reliable machine. They also make a foot operated model. You might wish to check them out if they are available in your part of the world.

You also might wish to contact OzDave or 5th Corner (do a <u>search</u> at the top of the page) since they are in Australia and may be able to give you better advice than me on availability, parts, repairs, and so forth. You may also be able to find used equipment in some local trade journals and save yourself a pile of money.

Welcome to the Grumble! Congratulation !

As with opening any new business I strongly advise you to sit down and develop a written business plan. It forces you to put things down on paper and get a realistic perspective on costs. In addition if you plan to make money it is important to run it like a real business not a hobby or craft. Things change a bit when you open a store and provide a service/product to the public.

If I am incorrect I am sure someone will tell me, but I think Jyden? was bought by Hansen back in the day?

I think these machines are pretty similiar, Hansen, Jyden, Morso. I think you would be fine with either. Now if you are looking at using these long term I might tell you to get a saw instead. Choppers can not cut all of the mouldings here in the states, compo and profiles limit these machines. So maybe doing something like a Phaedra system might be better for you in the long run.

I think the Alpha is the name for Itw-AMP when distibuted over seas. If this is correct then the are killer machines. It is worth its weight...and they are heavy.

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