need help with scandisc


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Jul 12, 2001
Middleburg, FL
I need help. I want to run scandisc function on my home computer but it keeps restarting and telling me to close all programs. I understand there is a way to do this outside Windows but have no clue.
Can someone please help? :confused:
Deb, which operating system are you using (Windows ME, 98, XP, etc) and are you using the Windows scandisk or a add-on utility, like Norton Speed Disk?

After you do your homework, I might be able to help.
Try putting your computer into "Safe Mode" by pressing F5 during startup, it will load without all the crazy millions of background programmes and should work faster.
I'm using Windows 98 and the scandisc is part of the windows programming.
I've tried running it with virus software, etc. disabled with no luck.
Perhaps the suggestion about running it in safe mode is what is needed. i need more specific instructions to do it.

Thanks for your help.

ScanDisk and defrag programs will not run properly when there are TSR (terminate and stay) programs resident in memory. These are loaded automatically on Windows start up and include things like anti-virus software.

The method I use to temporarily shut these down is outlined here. Basically, you are using ctrl-alt-del to shut down the TSRs one-at-a-time. The only ones you don't shut down are Explorer and systray. Some of these will not want to shut down and a second window will pop up, after some delay, to ask for confirmation.

It is a tedious process, but it works. Most Windows 98 systems are set up to run ScanDisk automatically before the TSRs are loaded if the system is shut down improperly, so you shouldn't have to do this very often.

Good luck. Post any additional questions here or email me if you like.
Thanks for the help. I have succeeded in defragging and running scandisc.
Great website, Ron, thanks for the link! I'll be spending some time trying to gain a little more knowledge there.