need help matching frame& mat


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
need assistance, please

customer brought in a basket case(48X35)---fell off wall onto concrete floor. It cant be more than 5-6 yrs old(local framer who has since gone back to Italy so there is no info source to be had)---

the frame is 2" wide & 1" hi at tallest, black, surface is almost looks "leather like" and has a slight pebbly surface & is slightly mat finish rather than the shinnier stuff that I have found(looks alot like USA b201408 & LJ 415BL), profile is like #47 framerica &/or #725 decor---1" high close to rabbit & curves downward to 1/2" high away from rabbit.

the mat has the same "look" as NB's 8009/8010 (patina gold/copper) BUT the color of the mat is between these ---lighter than 8009 & darker than 8010(could be that I'm seeing sun fade on this)---lifted an edge of mat up(1 corner was bent/creased in the fall) and of course there are no print marks

Ive just spent 2+ hrs on the net trying to match this stuff....probably could get away with the "un-match" on a mat(means recutting all 4 pieces) but the frame needs to be CLOSE match as it is on the wall amoung 4 other pieces, all done w/the same way.

Really appreciate everyone's feedback on this, thanks all...
Bill, can't really help with the profile, but did any of your reps sell to the guy? They may know what vendors he carried. Couldn't hurt to ask?