need a TV27143 mat in Florida


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
hello everyone!
I need assistance locating a TV mat, within Florida(I'm sorry but ALASKA is just tooo far to go to!).
It's TV27143, it's 'tannish' with a slightly mottled surface(client really likes that effect)....None of our suppliers have it, and I'd guess that means it's no longer in existance??? If someone in Florida has one I'd like to hear from you, soonest---Bill Ward 813-948-4447 or email me via grumble.....the customer only spent 1.5 hours on the 1 frame job(out of 3 total) and had to settle on this one mat, right??? Such is life, but they are good customers and I do like for people to get what they decide on, yes?

thanks all---
bill ward
Bill, our supplier substituted the International White for those TV boards in the Classics series. The thinking was that the surface papers on the Classics weren't conservation quality anyway so they figured they'd try the whitecore road just to save the color line.

If you needed a rag quality, apparently you wouldn't have been getting it with the old Classics so perhaps the Int'l White would suffice??
good things to know! thanks all
Bill Ward
USA Wholesale also has TV mats.