Mouting Chinese Paper Cut-Out


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Feb 24, 2004
New York
Hi. I have to mount a piece of paper art and I'm usure of how ot go about it. It's a Chinese paper cut-out. It's very intricate and delicate. Since it's round and going into a square mat opening, i'm unsure of what would be the archival thing to do here. Any tips? Thanks.
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No, that was not called for at all!

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My first reaction would be to encapsulate the paper art in Melanix (Mylar) and mount it behind the matboards.

Rather than hash over what had been discussed frequently on this forum, I would suggest that you use the "search" function at the top of the page and do a search for "Mylar", "encapsulation", or "Mylar encapsulation" and find the archived topics that have been addressed for using this technique.

Use the search feature for "mounting a chinese paper cut" or click here