Mounted Leather Filigree

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Jan 24, 2003
Cornwall. England
A customer has brought in a 15" x 10" beautiful leather filigree which has been glued to mat board. However, some of the finer webbing has started to lift and cockle. The request is. Can we please refix it.. My question.... what glue is used to fix leather to mat board.
It's already been glued down, so anything you do isn't going to make things worse.

I would try Tacky Glue. It's made for gluing fabric, dries clear and flexible, and is water soluable.

If it isn't available at craft stores in the UK, let me know if you'd like me to mail you a bottle.

If you end up doing that, Kit, throw a couple of Wallbuddies into the care package as well. John must be running low by now.

Funny thing. My bottle of Tacky Glue says, "Not intended for fabric." I didn't believe them, so I tried it a while back and discovered they were right. It's the clear gel Tacky Glue, so maybe that's the difference.

The Sobo Glue, on the other hand, calls itself a fabric glue and mentions leather as one of the things it works on.

I can't believe the different kinds of glue I have in my shop when I hardly ever glue anything other than frames.
Thankyou Kit and Ron... Tacky Glue and Sobo Glue. mmm Dont think I have seen those names over here... but will have a look... was wondering about PVA as that dries clear as well..

Ron.. Wallbuddies. !!!!! My I am having a lot of trouble over here, trying to get a picture framing supplier to take them onboard. Looks like I might have to go solo with these. Over the weekend I will forward by email a picture of the 'New invention' for hanging pictures.. The reason given by very large supplier to the trade for not taking them. But basically its a D ring on the left frame upright with a crimped wire fixed to it... a D ring on the right frame upright with the wire free running through the D.... AND ??? a fixed D ring in the middle of the bottom frame with the other end of the wire crimped to it... Intriguing to say the least and I am still trying to work out the Physics of it. ie weight and pull angles... If you understand that description.. comments please..

I’m sure if you asked Peter Ackerman of United he would set up an account for you…..I know I have bought some stuff from one of the UK supply houses which had United labels on it……so United do ship to the UK……and what with the way Sterling is to the Dollar you will be getting things for half price or there bout’s……I have had things shipped from the US in my time…..the first order or two may be a bit tricky but once you have it up and running… will receive supplies quicker than you will get them from Birmingham most times…….use UPS if you can they are superb when shipping from the US…..or at least that’s how they stack up in Ireland…….their Euro call centre is in Dublin… you will end talking to someone who can speak the Queens English…..or at least that’s what they speak most of the time…..the one problem that I found the last time I tried to go online with United was the address part of login on….they have no clear indication on how to do it if you are outside the US……that’s the way it was some time ago…..I have not looked for awhile…’s not rocket science and I’m sure there is a way around it…….some thing like putting in a country code rather than a State.

To your question:
I have noticed any time I have got shoes repaired that the cobbler uses EVO (sp) stick glue for leather….the contact type glue.


Up Date on United

I just checked if I could log on… appears to work….I got a message saying that a rep. would look at my application and Email me my log in……looks good.

I put Ireland in where it said State…….and as I do not have a Number on my house …..I put the name of my house in where it said Street # ……nor do we have a postal codes/Zip codes in Ireland… I just put 2 full stops we will see what happens...... and on the delivery details I put my Mobile/Cell number in the Zip box.....this allowes a delivery person to call me if they have difficulty finding my location.

Well done United…..things look much more user friendly on your site than the last time I I recall I will stand correction on this if my memory is faulty.

I hope I’m not causing any trouble for United……as what I have done is more an academic exercise… apposed to any real need I have right now.

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Thankyou Dermot... Interesting on how you came up with a Birmingham supplier from my description of the 'new invention' hanging system !!! .. But Yes True.
Will have a go at your cobbler glue recommendation.