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Most economical way to display 30x40" prints for fundraiser?



I have a colleague who has the following question:
"i have been asked by a non-profit organization that i do work for about possibly hanging some large prints at a gala fundraising dinner they are having. I'm wondering if there is an economical way to get something displayed that could fill a large space and possibly be auctioned at the end. I don't have the dimensions of the space but i do have a photo of it with a person standing there for comparison (see below).
i would love to hear any creative ideas for hanging prints that will look great without spending too much money. "


I have told this colleague a good lab for getting 30x40" prints done and suggested he get them mounted to gatorboard, but mounting a print that large to gatorboard is no small task for a novice.

I was also thinking he might simply get them laminated and tack them onto the walls; although with such a simple presentation they would probably not sell well. PResentation is everything in sales.

Thanks, Rolland
You are quite correct, thumbtacking prints to that wall would definitely NOT be in the best interest of all concerned at a gala fundraiser such as you describe. I am guessing that you want to do this with the least amount of financial outlay for framing since you are putting alot into printing and mounting. If you are smart you will have your printing done and then take them to the framer who might do the framing work and have him/her mount the prints. If they have a vacuum press they will know how to get the job done with allowances for matting which most all photographers don't think about and commercial processors don't care about.

However this is done, I would first check with the establishment where the event is to be held and see if they have any problems with making small holes in those walls you have pictured. If they do, you are pretty much limited to easel displays or some other freestanding type of display like show panels or tables. Show panels are expensive, easels can be had for about $25 each in brass plated thin wall tubing that are OK as long as you don't abuse them.

I don't know how much lead time you have but I would start checking around for things to borrow for this show ASAP. You could simply shrink wrap the prints on foamcore and display them in a regular print rack or two. The people could leaf through them at leisure and I would display a few on easels behind the racks.

Good luck.

We have done several for fund raisers. We shrink wrap them with foam core (not mounted)some with mat. At 30 x 40 suggest no mat cause get pretty large with mat. Let the purchaser mat them. We also put a 10% off custom framing for our store in it. The fund raiser makes money and so do we.
They can be shrink wrapped to black foamboard.

It is a good look for auctions and I do tons of these for local churches and fund raisers.

If I could be of assistance, take I85 North to exit 54. Turn right. I am 1/4 of a mile on right in the Poplar Crossing Shopping Center.
I recently did seven large drawings for a similar event. They were horizontal, long and narrow...the longest being about seven foot by two foot.

I made paper corners out of Strathmore 3 ply bristol to hold the drawings to black fom-cor allowing about a 4" border. Then the entire package was flap covered with Duralar.

I attached the Duralar to the back of the fom cor and used a heat gun to conform the Duralar over the top and down to lay flat against the surface.

As long as the drawings were handled carefully the corners were perfectly adequate to hold the drawings to the board.

The client was pleased with the presentation.

This method preserved the drawings without any mounting and allowed the purchasers to eventually frame the drawings as they wanted.

Dave Makielski