Miter sander questions

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
I want to settle an argument here in the shop. Its like this, I am to often unsatisfied with the quality of my corners. I started looking into this and have consulted the two most likely problems. That is the chopper (Morso) and the v-nailer (Pistorius VN-M). Each just blames the other. The chopper claims that the miters are perfect and that the v-nailer is as useful as a bald tire. The v-nailer said that chopper wouldn’t know the difference between 45 degrees and a Colt 45. I would do just about anything to shut these two up. I am thinking about placing a miter sander between them. I haven’t used one. Are these as handy as advertised? What kind do you have? Do you use it all the time? Thanks friends.

I have to go see if I can get my equipment to stop talking!
If both tools are perfect I must say garbage in garbage out. It is the mouldings fault.
Jay, I'm a little concerned that after just a couple of months of working in your store alone that you are already listening to discussions coming from your equipment. Ron is a prime example, I think he only last year started hearing his tape measure talk, that was after many years of being in business.....

As to the sander I have had one for several months. I have an ITW AMP manual and it has made a world of difference for me. Pauls Cascio ran a special last year for the Grumblers and it was well worth taking advantage of. I don't think it will take the place of well calibrated equipment and I have discovered it doesn't do a thing to help if you have a warped piece of wood. But, I have to say it has virtually eliminated the need to putty corners. Of course, I started using the underpinner at the same time as the disc sander and that if anything has helped me too.

I don't regret buying mine.
They don't talk all the time. Just on Saturdays and after 5 pm. Was it under $1000?

Yes. I think about $375 plus about $900 in freight charges, so try and find some place you can go and pick one up.

The ITW/AMP is the Ferrari of the miter sanders. Well, maybe more of a Hummer, and it weighs about the same.

I won't bore with the story of how I had to carry one about 14 miles in Atlanta 'cause FramerGuy FORGOT WHERE HE PARKED MY VAN!!
"try and find some place you can go and pick one up."

Im sure thats not going to be too hard! Would your suggest Lowes or Home Depot?


Do you get deliveries from anyone? Many distributors can get you a sander, even if it's not in their catalog. Having someone deliver it would be the one thing even better than picking it up.

If you have to drive to Knoxville or Miami or Rome, that would be my second choice.

Try to avoid having one shipped.

Or see if it's included in the free shipping deal from United. That would surprise me a lot.
Now Ron, we don't need to have the "free shipping" talk again do we?

I actually looked in my Larson catalog. They have the disks but not the sander. I will inquire. Why do you specifically mention Knoxville? I find myself there about 3 times a year. Someplace there I can get one?

Let's get to "the rest of the story". Are you going to Atlanta this Sept.?? That is a fine place to buy a sander. There are a number of distributors that will have them on display and they don't want to crate them up and haul them back home any more than some wimpy guys would care to carry them "14 miles" to their van!! You can get a really good deal and, if you take a 2 wheeled hand truck with you, (as I tried to tell Ron to do but he will deny it), you can easily wheel your sander all over Atlanta if you choose to without whining or back problems or trying to con any of your buddies to carry it for you! (Like SOME framers I know!)

To clarify Ron's distorted account of his purchase, I DIDN'T park 14 miles away, it couldn't have been more than 6 miles to the parking lot and it was Markg1's fault because he didn't want the hotel cops to discover our whereabouts after the stunt he pulled in their checkout lane from the long term parking garage!!

Well YES I would like to go to the show. I am semi-planning it right now but $$$ is as lacking now as it has been for several years. I had actually thought of waiting until then. However I have to say that the antics of CERTAIN framers (you know who you are) are making me uncertain. I don't think I should expose myself to this type of savage behavior.
If your machinery for cutting is set up correctly then there is now way that you will ever need to buy a mitre sander as well.

I just dont understand why so many of you struggle to get a mitre joint done right.I have a morso and I have a mitre saw and as has been said the only time my joints are rubbish is when the wood itself is warped or faulty.Its never the fault of the machinery.
Went looking for one at the Philly show. Just to let you know they are up to about $525 from both United and M&M (Somthing about the Company that makes the bodys stopped and they had to find someone else). Add about $60 for s&h, by their figures.

I have not invested yet but it is the next item on my list.

Well, Jay, Ron simply became a victim of circumstances. He didn't see it that way but Mark and I both agree that Ron just was paying for some indisgression in a past life.

You will be in good company in Atlanta and will find all the help you need to get a new sander back to your shop. (As long as you drive down.)


That has long been my view on miters. But, I have to say, that I may try one for metals as I haven't found a non-ferrous blade that suited me yet. I still get a small burr when cutting aluminum moulding so I just order them already chopped. I'd like to solve this problem in my shop as there are alot of condo owners and poster owners who insist on metal frames for their stuff.

To tell you the truth most of the cuts that I do usually turns out great. Some profiles and woods (hard) are just difficult to join with a v-nailer. However, some of the chops I order aren't as true as I like them to be. Dad always ordered chops 1/2 in long and cut them on the morso. I think this is STUPID. I try to keep the glue off my v-nailer and my blades sharp but the chopper is always getting duller and the underpinner ummmmmmm glueier. <You might get with Capt. English about this word?
Jay, I think Rechenbach's carries them. And just think, if you come to Knoxville, you can make a trek out to the beautiful country and come visit me down on the farm! (Like you ain't got enough farms and horses up there in KY... :rolleyes: )

We got ours from United at the March NY show, and took advantage of the free shipping show special. I wonder if they have this same special at all shows? It's really heavy and does a great job.
You mean all morsos and underpinners don't talk?!
Wow. Mine are more special then I thought! I'd better go see if Big Betty C&H MatCutter knows how special she is; she's been down lately since Stanley Utility Knife has taken up hanging around Susy Squeeze Gun.....
Oh no, now the kids are fighting, I have to go breakup the wood and metal moulding samples again.

Get the sander. It will be the best money you'll spend this year. I think Framers Supply in Lexington carries them. BTW I'd never had "seamless" metals until I starting sanding them. WOW!
You'd probably break even on paying shipping or going to Decor-Atlanta, so I'd vote for Atlanta. Last year's show specials ran about $400, cash-and-carry.
Watch out about exposing yourself, though...

How far are you from Indianapolis? I have an ITW/AMP I'll sell you for $250 if you come and get it. I had to go back to my previous career and still have my equipment.

4 hours to the south side of Indi. 6 hours to the north side of Indi. Which side of Indi is Greenfield? Email me if you like! Thanks.