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Feb 20, 2004
Ephrata Pa.
thinking about buying a Eclipse XL. I want your input
want to hear from you.
pros & cons
VS wizard cmc
Not many people here have used both and people generally love what they have.

Do a search both here and on the tech forum and you'll find lots of opinions - mostly from people who love what they have.

If you're not sure how to do a search, just ask. If anyone laughs, I'll smack 'em for ya.
Most CMCs will do the job that the makers claim it will do. You can get a lemon from just about anyone, but if the company is good, they will make sure you are happy. Wizard stands behind their products, as does Eclipse, I am sure.

I had a Wizard for years, the first year I had it, they replaced just about every moving part on it, it was, at first, a lemon. After all the replacements, we never had another problem, it worked like a charm for years. The only reason I got rid of it was I got tired of paying every month and never owning anything.

I purchased a CMC from Fletcher, thinking it was a big, reliable company, and I would not have to worry about them going out of business. I failed to consider that they would discontinue the CMC.

It is a great cutter, that is for sure, problem is, I still owe half the cost of it, and it is obsolete. Fletcher will provide parts for it for about six more years, then everyone that owns one is just out of luck. Our only option would be a class action lawsuit, hopefully that will not be necessary. It is after all, a company that has been around for a long, long, time. I do not believe they will leave us hanging.

The only thing you have to really worry about is the viability of the company you are dealing with. How long are they going to be around and will they discontinue the machine?

I am convinced that Wizard is in it for the long haul, not so sure about Eclipse, since I do not know a thing about them.

Hope this helped.


I have owned the Eclipse Pro since fall of 2001.
I shopped for over a year and chose this particular model/brand for the reasons that were most important to me. I advise that you look at everything on the market and decide which features are most important to you, as I found that different machines had their strenghts.

I was particularly interested in a machine that would have little maintainance problems, and IF in the event that something major would happen, that it could easily and quickly be fixed. I didn't want to have to crate up an entire machine and ship it back for repairs, or wait for someone to come out to fix it. This was the main reason I selected the Eclipse.

Other reasons included:
Quiet operation

Very easy, yet flexible software. (they sent out someone to set it up and train us on the software, and I have had new employees cutting mats within a matter of hours)

Great technical support. (The few problems I've had thus far have been operator errors, but they are still right there, or calling me back with in very short time and are easy to talk to).

I think any cmc is better than no cmc, and if you are on a limited budget--get the best you can afford. At the time of my purchase, I had a budget of 15-18,000, but after comparing I decided the extra money would probably be worth it for the quality of engineering and components that I saw on the Pro model.

It is a workhorse with very little maintainance required. Just be sure that you are getting the 40x60--which ever model you decide.