looking for the Pope


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Aug 23, 2002
Omro WI
I have a customer Who is looking for a print of the pope walking barefoot on the beach. I would greatly appreciate any information any one can give me in attempting to find and purchase this print for her.

Jill Hennes CPF
Omro Gallery
Omro WI
It is very hard for me to picture the Pope walking barefoot on any beach.

How could you tell with his long white robes dragging in the sand??

(I am convinced this image isn't one of the Pope in a speedo.)

I just looked through several hundred religious pictures and couldn't find it.

I found some pictures of differnt popes, but nothing like you're looking for. Which pope are we looking for anyways?
That will help narrow the search a little bit.
The Lady Said she saw this print when John Paul II was in the US the last time. She explained it with a very ethereal quality. You know how we get about our religious art
something like he was in his vestments walking along the shore, sort of footprints in the sandish.