Kids Art


Apr 22, 2005
Los Angeles
What percentage of your business involves framing kids artwork?

What percentage of your business involves framing artwork made by people themselves as opposed to purchased art or prints?

Just curious. Thanks!
1.618% kid art, and we consider it golden.

61.8 would be the other thing. but could go inverse on certin months. (we consider photos and customer done.)
I almost framed 1 kids piece of art. Someone left a poster size painting of thier child at my shop, no name, no phone number, no nothing.. and after 7 months its still not claimed. Im starting to think it was a practical joke, or they were too embarrassed to claim it. :confused:

so kids art 0. I frame alot of watercolors & canvases

ok, I have to ask Baer a question..

what does Pola quwa quwaze mean?

I frame a fair amount of kids art. Couldn't really say what the percentage would be.
In fact I head a kids art contest every year that is part of a fund raiser to provide scholarship money and funding for art programs in local schools.
It's a good cause and brings new people through my doors every year.

I also frame for some of the local artists and pieces created by friends of customers or family members. That is probably somewhere around 25% of my business...of course that is just a guestimate.
I offered to mat and shrink wrap the art of an entire preschool class, for free, to do a show at the gallery. The treacher LOVED the idea! Some of the kids' parnents brought them in to pick colors, and they had fun with that. The rest came in a stack, and I did bright colors on them too.

The reception was such a blast, with the kids, and parents, and bright colored art. Exhausting, but a load of fun.

Of course, relatives came in to buy some of the pieces (not real expensive, enough to pay for the matting, and give some to the child) Which made some budding artists very happy.

Worth the work and donation of matting.
Speaking of kids art ( I do quite a bit ) how do we get the word to the college trained art teachers to have the kids mount the work properly,, not using rubber cement or staples and to have them sign the work. A lot of the work looks very professional when framed , even with the minimum framing.
Hey, someone emailed me through my website and that isn't an address I use frequently.
I tried to reply but it's acting up.
I will happy to answer your question to the best of my ability if you contact me through the address in my profile.

By the way, thanks for the complement!
Artist, have you ever tried communicating with the art teachers?

It might help.
The other problem is that they often have to buy supplies out of their own pockets or depend on donations and just because they are college educated doesn't mean that they know about mounting or otherwise.

Think about how many grown artists treat (mistreat) their own work!
Love to frame kids artwork, although don't see a lot of it. I did 6 years of art study, and it was only after the 5th year that anyone mentioned to me about using acid free paper and archival conservation concerns. I really wish I had known about all that stuff earlier...
I went to a High School art class and gave a little talk about mounting. Even demonstrated several, including wheat starch & water... how cheap can it get....

The next month we got the mounted pictures in to mat for a display.... staples and rubber cement. One was even taped down with duck tape.
We do an annual Chalk Walk on the sidewalk around our shop to raise money for the middle school and high school art depts. All the schools that enter split the money donated by local merchants and corporate sponsors. It's alot of fun. This year's theme is art of the Masters. The teachers seemed to like it because they could get the students to do some research on the painters. Coming up on the first Sat. in June. So far $1800 raised in donations.

Back to the question: about one piece each month. Summer time is different, mom's bring in their kid's Bible School projects for framing. Some neat stuff. Love the finger paintings.
How about asking the teachers not to mount the artwork?
Maybe that would work...especially for displays or contests.
Guess staples and duct tape are just easier.