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JJ Moulding


Aug 6, 2004
Davidson, NC
Just got their catalog. The prices seem almost to good to be true. Anyone have experience with their line or dealing with them?

JJ Moulding is out of Newburgh, NY. I just saw their ad on p.39 of the new PFM, and it caught my attention because my new grandson's name is J.J.
:cool: Rick

I would also be interested in hearing anyone's experience w. them- service, quality, consistency, etc.
Don't know anything about that JJ Korean thing but I love Jerry's comment.
What a strange place TG is. Cheap plastic junk lovers and handcrafted, hand finished frame fanatics are being brought together in the name of ...framing.
Jerry, I haven't spoken with them but I was under the impression it was wood? Is it polystyrene (or worse, "cheap plastic junk")?

Barry I have not heard of them which does not mean much!~

Not to sound rude!~ But if you have the catalog read it!~ What does it say? Is it wood or is it plastic. Let us know!~
I would be a little leary if it is from Newburgh...ask Eric that is his home. He can raid the place and find out for you. Newburgh is a bit strange, I can not see high quality wood coming from that area. I know of the place pretty well. I will say I have been wrong once, so this could be twice???
Patrick Leeland
Uhm Gumby, not to be rude but do you take me for an idiot? The catalog is little more than pictures and prices. No specification of materials.
Hi Jerry, I have been getting all of my moulding from Atlantic Coast down in Pineville, NC. They deliver on Fridays up around Lake Norman and do a good job. I am actually looking for a broader selection as well as something that may be more competitive on price to augment what they offer. I thought JJ Moulding's prices didn't make sense, now I understand why. They were about 25% of what I am paying Atlantic for comparables.

Hi all, I have been in their building way back when they moved to Newburgh about 3-4 years ago.

They indeed have a factory somewhere in Asia. They moved their US operation to here from the heavily industrial area of Long Island City in Queens NY. That area is getting crowded and VERY expensive. They came here and bought an old car dealership right on the main street of Newburgh. Cheaper and lots of tax breaks.

As far as the product - I think that in it's own class of material and quality it offers a great value. Not my kind of thing but for OEM or contract framers it is good. By the way they too are contract framers as well as importers, so they compete with many of their volume customers.

They are also retail framers. (does this make them a verticle monopoly?) They sell Studio, Decor as I noticed. I actually did not see all of the JJ line out front in the public showroom, where they go by the name "Artframe Outlet II" which isn't too pretty from the street.

As far as "being from Newburgh", I assure you, they are NOT Newburgh. (Patrick, . . . :confused: )

What you think of it really depends on what side of the line you fall on in the plastic frame question. If you are anti-plastic, it's junk because it all is. If you like plastic, check it out. (I think this may be the point that Jim is getting at?)

For the record, I myself am in the anti-plastic group.
Joking Eric, Newburgh is not bad, I just had a hard time thinking a larsonturnerromastudio type of company would be locaed there. Right on the main street of the "burgh" what street is that? Broadway? Just wondering...
No harm meant Eric
I assurre you
Patrick Leeland
Yeah, that would be Broadway. I am actually on Broadway just 5 blocks up (enough I hope!) and in a much more swank setting.

We don't have much industry here of any type, but there is a growing community of creative professionals and fine artists. One of the largest art foundry's is in the next town (near Orange County Choppers of "American Chopper" on TV) and it's owner just opened a 3 story gallery on the waterfront for contemporary art. See it HERE . Plus there have been a few great New York Times articles about the City and what is happening in the art community. :D

But enough about Newburgh, hey Jerry, Jim asked a question.

The Emiphil (sp?) from England is a lot better man-made product than the plastics from China. JJ Mouldings have from my experience too many voids and not a solid enough product. V-nailing their product was a nightmare. I will not be trying it again.

If you would like to see their product up close, visit your local Garden Ridge. Over half of the preframed "art" is framed with JJ.

If you are looking for plastics, try the new Wall Moulding. It is much more dense and easier to cut and join.
Jerry I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with JJ Mouldings products, if you send me your company info along with the items ordered we will be happy to refund you. We don't want our customers (past or present) to be unhappy with products they have received and not tell us. If you are having problems with our moulding please contact us immediatley.
Barry if you send me your company information I would love to send you some samples of products that caught your eye.
Let me explain a little about our company, there seem to be some misconceptions as to where we stand in the framing market. We are a mid size distribution/framing company focusing mainly on the needs of the local framing market. We deal with small framing shops, this is why customer satisfaction is essential to us. We are custom framers ourselves and deal with the local public so we really understand the needs and tribulations of other framers.