Insect prints

Lance E

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Forum Donor
Oct 31, 1999
Hamilton, New Zealand

Retail (including prints) $NZ899

Time to complete 3.25 hours (including re-tying my shoe lace)

Shadow boxed and the images floated foward on foam.

TV Pueblo background (Suede)

Bainbridge 8559v around images.

Crescent Crystal Clear glass (I still can't figure out a good way to cut and clean the stuff).

Same fillet around images as used in the frame.

In the background, me holding up the frame cursing for forgetting to take a photo before putting the glass in and sealing up (and looking at untied shoe lace).
That is excellent Lance!!! What a great design. I love the images too. By the way, your shoe is untied!
Great job, Lance!! (do the bugs down there fly anti-clockwise 'round the porch light??)
Great presentation Lance!

Did you reverse bevel the panels, or?
The panels are reverse bevelled, they are 3/4" high and the total space from glazing to the back is 1". As a side note, I never again want to do fillets in mats without a CMC.

Our bugs must be more stupid than yours Charles, they fly straight into the lightbulbs.
Great job, Lance!

(What Lance didn't tell us, it took him an hour and a half to tie his shoe lace and then he realized he was wearing flip-flops.)

Very good presentation!! I think bugs are cool anyway. Are the bugs against the glass or is there a gap between them and it? Just wondered.

Looks good though.
Nice job Lance!

Thank you for posting your project. It is always great to see new ideas.
I don't mean to Warp here, but in piano lessons, when a bug wanders onto a music page, I slam the book shut, open it, draw a frame around it and write the species under it. I really do. The kids love it.

By the way Lance. The pictures are great.
Lance, I STILL think it's a great job, but....there's something that bugs me about it. Can't quite put my finger on it...