if you had one show to goto?


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Sep 11, 2003
new england
Of New York, Atlanta and Las Vegas which show do you think is best? Which would you goto given all expenses were equal?
richm you might also want to check the Voteing section 's history i think I sort of asked that same question with a bit more choices.

It has a better selection of exhiitors. The hotels are much cheaper than New York. I have talked to a couple of manufacturers recently who have decided to not exhibit in New York this year, but to still do Atlanta.

Atlanta is a growing show and New York is a stagnating show.

The incredibly high union drayage is one of the prime reasons exhibitors are leaving the show. Put your money where there is enthusiasm and a positive attitude about exhibiting.

Depends on why you're going to a show.

If you want to go to a huge show with lots of exhibitors which turn out to be mostly artists and galleries hawking their wares (although ALL the vendors will also be in Atlanta), head to Atlanta or New York, whichever tickles your fancy.

If you want the best education and trainers for almost every subject you can think of, along with the vendors you NEED to spend lots of time with, without them being constantly interrupted by the huge crowds of people coming by, head to Las Vegas. The Hilton facility is superb, way nicer than the Riviera was. I won't mention that the entertainment blows any of the others out of the water.

Ooops, I guess I DID mention it! :D

I haven't been to a PMA/PPFA show and I think we're putting on a brave front to try to hold our own amongst our new PMA brethren, but the fact of the matter is that this show is primarily a photo processors' meeting. It's held at a better time when Las Vegas is starting to warm up a little, though, in the years it's not in Orlando.
I usually like Atlanta better. Last year, I preferred the New York show. Atlanta was quiet last year, and the classrooms were freezing. I had to do more walking than usual because everything was on the other side on the Omni.

I've never been to a Las Vegas trade show. Probably never will go. Not crazy about Vegas.
I hear the educational classes are even going to be better this year.
Pardon my out-of-the-loopedness but:

Are we talking about the Atlanta PMA/PPFA or PMA show, and what is the difference?

Thank ye merry folk, all.
I think we're talking about the Atlanta Decor Expo.

In 2002, the last year I attended, it was a nearly overwhelming show. More vendors and educational opportunities than you could possibly use, even if you are there for the whole thing.

I highly recommend it.
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
I think we're talking about the Atlanta Decor Expo...
I highly recommend it.
I just fired off an e mail for info on the Atlanta show - we've been thinking of exhibiting in a trade show, south of the border, for some time now. The time may have come.

Thanks Ron et al.