"I think that would be really ugly!"


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Dec 1, 2004
New Westminster, B.C. Canada
Yup, I said it! Good thing the guy is an aquaintance and it peaked his interest! I have 8 incredible....really incredible photographs that he has taken in Africa. He is a travel agent and this was one of his get to know the world I send people to trips. Fantastic images. He has arranged some trips for our families. My wife works with his wife. I got home from my day job yesterday and there was a homemade cardboard folder with the photos on it and instructions on the outside. 2" white matte, thin black metal frame, UV glass (points for that I guess). I am thinking yuk before I have even opened the package to see what is inside.

OK, so I was a little more diplomatic than that. I phoned him (at home) and asked him if he was trying to match something that already existed. No, not at all (after I complimented him on the incredible images). When he asked why, I dodged, and asked if he was going for a "particular look" or trying to fill a particular space. When the answer was no to the look he again asked why. Thats when I told him that what he had specified would look really ugly. He wants these images to hang in the hallway of the Travel Agency. He really wants the metal frame, and no it is not cost, and he wants them all the same. I told him that a thin white mat and a black frame would really detract from the images.

I did some mock ups of 2" white mats and the black frame. Then I did some pictures of a 3.5" matte and black frame, and 3.5" black/black core and black frame.

I am steering him to the black/black core as it will work best with all the images as a group. The prints are 12" x 18", and they are going to be impressive.

But yes I did tell him that I thought his original design was going to be ugly. He appreciated the bluntness!......

Hmm, as I am typing this I am thinking reverse bevel may look good too!

How about adding an inked line near the opening to keep things focused to the image.
I think I've only offended a handfull of people with my "That sooo will not work" exclamation. Most people appreciate my winsome honesty and they usually reply "now that's why I take this to an expert!"
My husband still gets away with "What on earth are you thinking?!!"
Sometimes I want to blurt out "Are you colour blind?" or "Are you on drugs?" or "Do you have a brain tumour?"
Originally posted by lise:

Sometimes I want to blurt out "Are you colour blind?"
I actually said that once, when the customer kept insisting on these really weird color combinations. I recognized the symptoms. He said "Actually, I am colorblind!" I do a lot of framing for him, and have learned not to argue or try to sway him from those gawdawful colors. Colorblind Husband (symptoms) has taught me that what we see and what they see is so different...hard to imagine that. I think of it like maybe biting an apple but tasting a cucumber. I still cringe when putting it all together though.

P.S. Guy's old house was down the street from us, painted lime green, turquoise, lavender and yellow. New owners painted it white. We kinda miss that colorful house! Husband used to say when we passed it "I bet the owner is colorblind!" Then we met Pat and his wife Patty. Sure enough! :eek: