Getting Ready for the MOVE


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Jul 30, 1997
You'll be accessing the new site at

If you bookmarked the main forum page that link will no longer work.

1. Please write down your display name.
2. Write down your password (case SENSITIVE).
You can have them emailed to you before the change over PASSWORD

3. Please if you use the signature feature remove any HTML code. HTML is not usable on the new site. Another coding markup is used called BBcode. After the switch you can recreate your signature using BBcode.

4. After you login to the new board please go to the USERCP and set your preferences. Several I would recommend is your local time zone and select the WYSWYG editor. You can then select your old Avatar or a new one. You can also post a personal photo of yourself if you so choose.

5. You will be allow to upload files and attach them to your post within certain guidelines.

6. If you see anything wrong or the program says your not allow to do something. Please drop me a private message, or post in a thread I'll start for moving issues so I can look into the little things that might have been over looked and tweak the settings.

Enjoy you last few day on the old server.

(Feels the chills run up and down her back from all the excitement!) This is exciting! Thank you for all of your hard work!

It's so thrilling to be here at the beginning of the NEW Grumble. I love new toys/tools!
Ooooo can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!
So, Bill - if I read it correctly no posting between Saturday at 1pm and Monday at 1pm? Or if one does post, those posts will be lost in the ether (?) because you are transferring everything up to 1pm Saturday?

You mean I'll have to actually DO all that work that I need to do but instead keep reading and posting on the G? ;)
The site will be up but anything posted will not be moved to the new site. I wish I could but I've had several failures trying to upload a later backup over a older one. I decided that the best path was a clean one time install. If it's ready on Sunday I'll start it earlier. Last time I did the import it took 24 hours to slice and dice the data. Remember I still have a retail business to run.

Bill, you take whatever time you need to get the job done right!!

Anne, the Grumble is also my start page and, if you think about it, if the URL of the new site is exactly the same, letter for letter, as the old forum, it would naturally follow that your program, my program, and anyone else's program that uses the same site for a start page would go to the new site. Si???

I would also guess that it won't do this until Bill has everything switched over and has the new site up and operating. So why don't we all chill and let the man run his business as best he can and spend every other waking minute of his spare time making this new forum the very best on the internet for us???

As the old adage goes, "All good things take time".

Thank you Bill for all the hard work you are putting into this for all of us to enjoy.

I also use the Grumble as my Internet start up page and have no idea how to change it. I use a Mac on Internet Explorer. Can someone tell me how to reset it and what is HTML? I have no idea if I have it or not. You all assume just because a person can learn how to type on this thing they know what they are doing. HA!!

Why on earth would you want to change it?? Your start page will be the Grumble, old Grumble, new Grumble, both the same address when everything is completed.

If you were vaccinated when you were a child, chances are you don't have HTML, Nona. ;)

As Bill has said a couple of times so far, if you didn't set up your signature in HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, you don't have to worry about it. If you don't know what it is, you probably didn't set up your signature with it.

Now, let's get to some serious stuff, are your bags packed for Atlanta yet???

Im packing my bags right now!
We are excited about meeting everyone in Atlanta - to put faces to familar names - Saturday dinner is going to be so much fun.
We can post, Baer - it just won't be transferred to the NEW and IMPROVED Grumble on Monday.

So you should save your gems of wisdom until Monday (or post them before Saturday!).

Ladies and gentlemen, LET'S GET READY TO GRUMBLE!
Thanks so much for all your work, Framer! We all really appreciate it.

Good luck! We'll all be waiting with baited breath! No, not fish bait.

May the computer gremlins all be on your side.

Ooooh! <font size=1>I'm scared</font size=1>

Dang, it's taken me 10 months to figure my way around this one! But....looking forward to our new home anyway.

Framer, are ya nervous?? A little bit? :eek: Havin' fun? We're all so excited!! :D
Your home page should be in your bookmarks (in Safari at least). You can select "Show all bookmarks", find the Grumble bookmark, and edit it in the list. It's been so long since I changed my home page, I can't remember right now how to do it either.
You can change your homepage by going to the top of the IE screen on your monitor and, on the main tool bar, click "Tools", then click on "Internet Options". The first entry on the "General" page is your homepage. Copy and paste any URL you desire in there and it becomes your homepage until you change it again.

With all that in mind, I say once more,

<font color=blue>You don't have to change your homepage!!!! The new homepage URL or address that is on that "General" page will be the EXACT SAME ADDRESS (not shouting, just enunciating for clarity) as the new Grumble forum when it is switched over!!! </font>

The key phrase is "when it is switched over". That is why Bill has made so many posts about getting your password and screen name straightened out BEFORE this weekend!! After he switches over this URL and directs it to the new website for our new forum, you won't be able to get into the old Grumble to retrieve these items.

The homepage address will stay the same as it is now.

Only the website location will change. It may be confusing but please give it a chance and you will understand.

Richard: You're right.

Framerguy: You're wrong.

(It doen't make any sense to ME, either.)
Nona- you may not have a "tools" button visible as described above in your Explorer bar. If that's the case, to set or change your startup page, just go to your Edit menu, and at the bottom, choose Preferences. Under Web Browser, choose Browser Display. You will see a place marked Home Page that has a little box into which you can type or paste the address (such as ). Then just close the Preferences window, and it will be set.
:cool: Rick
What great timing. Now I can enjoy the trade show without worry about what I'm missing!

The new site looks great. Very easy on the eyes!

I look forward to it.
Now I'm confused.

The way I understand it,

the url (address that we need to type in at the top of our browser or change in the shortcut properties or home page info or desktop settings if using grumble) will change to and

we don't need to do anything else IF we know our display name (HB) in my case, and if we know our password that we enter when logging in.

The only exception is, if we have html in our signature (non fancy regular text - you'll no if it aint so) in which case the html has to be removed.

Please tell me I'm correct?!

The top post spells it out. The url is changing. Your old one won't work.

It's just

If you try to use the old one after the change, It won't work.

AnneL and Nona you will have to change your startup page, it is not dificult.

If using Internet explorer go to tools... then internet options and then type in the new page name in the top field where you see the old one.

If your using anything else it has to have a similar setup.

Nice going on the new page, thank you for giving us a place to crash when we need to.
What I have typed into my start up page is currently It's only after I click on the word "Forums" that I get any of the pages with the ubb extensions. So since I already have the address that will be used for the new grumble as my start up, I assume I don't need to type it in again or do anything different.
I have the G as my home page, the other day when I got on line it would not display the page. I figured it was because of testing so I put in and it brought me to the new forum. So, I think you will have to retype and enter the address even though it is the same. My thought is the computer is remembering the old place so, you have to prompt it to take you to the new place. I know what I am trying to say, and am not explaining it very well.....
Originally posted by JbNormandog:
thank you for giving us a place to crash when we need to.
Not sure that "crash" would've been the word I would have chosen there.
Yup, I stand corrected. I used to do as Anne said she still does until I got smart and cut the extra steps out of the process by adding the extra "/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi" to the URL. I just didn't think about that change when I posted.

I apologize especially to Nona whom I know danged well was confused about this process to begin with. Now I have caused her to become more confuseder!!

I am quite sure that there will be many more minor problems similar to this once things get rolling on the new forum site and we just have to work together and help each other out and it will all come out OK in the end.

Just don't pay any attention to any advice I give, eh??

So the new URL will take us to the Grumble's Home Page from which we select Forums. So if anyone wants to go directly to the main forum page, as their home page (this is so silly!) - my suggestion: on Monday change your homepage location to and THEN, after you bring up the New Grumble's home page, click on the Forum page and READJUST your URL (copy and paste what is at the top of the page) into your Tools, etc., command menu.

Does any of what I just wrote make sense to anyone? Because this is MY plan for Monday!!!

Usually I post the grumble dinner photos the same night. This, year I will wait until Monday. (since tonights messages will vanish)

The new software looks GREAT! A lot of folks have been coming up to the booth and mentioning it.

Mike in Atlanta

Richard: You're right.

Framerguy: You're wrong.

(It doesn't make any sense to ME, either.)

Hey Framerguy! You were right, after all. :faintthud:

My home page setup and Windows 'favorites' that I had for the old Grumble both brought me to the new one without any adjustment.