framed art


May 6, 2004
new york
i've been to a few stores in "the mall" that carry framed art (premade) and these prices are absolutely amazing! granted they are styrene frames but they were really beautiful. matted/huge pictures for $79 $99 nice mirrors...I couldnt even frame something for this much. I was even tempted to buy one for my own house! Can anyone tell me any manufacturers/suppliers so I can get some for my shop? Think it would be a nice draw for the customers around here...(the mall is about 20 miles away)thanks
These suppliers have rather large minimum orders. Also, they send potluck batches, you can't order specific combinations.

It's not a good idea to hang anything on your wall you aren't prepared to duplicate at a similar price.

Mirrors are a good idea, though. You can always take them out and use the frame they are in for something else if you have to.