Ever heard of Berkshire matboard?

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Jun 30, 1999
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I ordered a few sheets of flawboard from my supplier. Usually they send Crescent colors with lines painted on them, but this time I got some that has the name Berkshire inkjeted on the back. I've been framing for 32 years, but I've never heard of Berkshire matboard. Is it some OEM product made by one of the big manufacturers? Just wondering.
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I have been told that Crescent has discontiued sell flawboard sometime ago.

Did the "Berkshire" flawboard have the printed stripes like the old Crescent did?
Berkshire IS Crescent matboard. It's their OEM version. It's usually sold to larger operators looking for a deep discounted price and willing to sacrifice on quality. One major problem is that the core turn yellow quickly. A reverse cut bevel will solve that problem.
I have used Berkshire boards. I thought they were a bit thinner than Crescent or Bainbridge. My personal opinion could be summed up in one word .... nasty......, but then I was just the framer at the bottom of the company who didn't know what I was talking about because it was really, really cheap, less than $2 a board.
Just as I suspected !
Crescent still making Berkshire mats

Crescent is still making Berkshire mats. They are paper mats intended for decorative framing. They are not acid free and they will not protect your art for years. The line is fairly good with a lot of colors. They are a great mat if you need to mat art and sell it. There is room to purchase and resale and still make money yourself. Check out http://www.webpictureframes.com/ they have the entire line and have great prices.
Welcome to the world of production framing.

Most matboard manufacturers have some line of OEM boards. We have been using them for years.

Bainbridge has a similar line called, Canterbury.

Savage also has some great boards marketed through Cali Distributing.

People who call them, "cr@p" probably also say the same things about poly or Framerica Bonanzawood....

And I am sure it is no secret that Caxton and Larson (and I am sure others) also have production lines of moulding that are aggressively priced and work well in the same arena. There are wonderful, quality mouldings out there that are still less than $1 per foot.

My response is that they have their place, especially in the world of decorative contract framing. I sure can't see paying 50 cents or more per board for something that will perfectly suit the client's needs.

Sometimes we overprice ourselves or reduce the profit potential on jobs due to self limitations.
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