Easel back for custom size frame


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Jan 7, 2005
I have a customer (actually, she is my aunt) with a frame sized 14 3/4 X 12 3/4. She decided she wants to put it on a table rather than hang it. What to do? Will Albin easel backs work? (those ones for metal frames?) Any other option?
Great question Mecianne!

Personally, I cut down the next bigger size easel back. I use the Fletcher 3000 to do this. Get the suede ones (from United, if course!)They look better than others.

After they are cut down to fit the back I attach them with little brass nails. Hold the nail with your needle nose pliers and hammer them on.

Also to finish them I tend to color the edges that were cut with black marker, and I also tend to cut them 1/8" shorter than the back outer edges of the frame so that little of the easel back shows.

That's what I do, what do you other Grumblers do?
How about just screwing a couple of Easel mates on the back? Ever since I discovered those, I rarely ever use easel backs anymore.
:cool: Rick
Cut down a larger size to fit in the back of the frame and use bendable points, then the customer can treat it like any other "photo frame" and replace the picture easily if they want.

Also, color the back of the moulding.
I do exactly, word for word, what Bob does. I learned from my 1st boss, David. Did he learn from you, Bob? :D
I used to cut the larger ones down but now use easel mates on everything.

Both ways work but the felt easel backs WILL let go eventually where as easel mates are metal (a bit unsightly ) but wont break unless the frame does.
Okay...I ordered the Albins from Larson(easel mates). They seem the simplest, & also my suppliers don't have anything larger than 11X14 easel backs. I don't (or haven't yet) used United. I can get most of what I need from my suppliers & they deliver with no shipping charges.
Thanks everyone. You all have been a big help...as usual

Mecianne (using Derek's computer....I am just to lazy to sign in & out ;) )
Make 'em from scratch, but only if they're sittin' on top the baby grand.

There are times when the easel-back will be very visible, and I don't find that any of the ready-made ones have a good enough look. I disassembled enough of the suckers to figure out how they were put together and make padded, suede-cloth covered easel-backs (usually black) for those instances.
It's going on top of their entertainment center, so it shouldn't be too visible. I thought about an easel as an option as well. Anyone make your own tabletop easels?
That is a great Web site. That is exactly why I love the grumble. Just a great wealth of info and sources. I ordered thier catolog and am looking for to setting up a new display with these new line of easles.

Thanks Edie,

I just ordered the catalog, too. Thanks for the helpful info, Edie!