Disappearing Posts

Ron Eggers

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 6, 2001
Has this ever happened to you? You write a post for The Grumble. It's a long one. You pour your heart into it. It's an inspired work of modern literature. You check it over. It's perfect. You hit the 'submit' button (though it isn't called that any more.) Your quirky dial-up internet service chooses that EXACT moment to kick you off-line. Sometimes you can save your masterpiece by getting back on line immediately and using the Back, Forward or Refresh key of your browser. But, if you choose the wrong one, your post is gone forever. The moment has passed. You cannot duplicate the effort or the post. The Grumble world will never know what you were thinking.

Through the magic of cut-and-paste, you can avoid this disastor. When your post is complete, and before you submit it (or even preview it) push Ctrl-A. This will highlight the entire message. Then push Ctrl-C. This will copy the entire message into your clipboard, where it will safely sit until you either copy something else into the clipboard or restart your computer.

Submit your post. If your ISP heads South (sorry, Charles) crank it up again. If your post is gone, instead of starting from scratch, push Ctrl-V to paste your original post into the message window. Eureka!

What if you can't get back on line? Your post is stored in your computer's memory - which is where the clipboard resides - and that is a precarious place to store anything. Right-click on a blank area of our desktop. From the menu that pops up, choose 'New', then 'Text Document.'Double-click on the new icon to open notepad and paste your message, using Ctrl-V, into notepad. Then you can save it forever, since it will be stored on your hard drive.

(This will work on Windows-based computers. There's probably some variation that will work on a Mac, but I don't know nothin' 'bout no Macs.)

Next up: Hard Drive crashes - a plot to undermine The Grumble?
Thanks! You know I'm a computer dummy, and I sure as heck have lost some real gems for the very reason you state here.
(At least that's my excuse for the more mundane posts. My ISP caused it!!)
I have printed your post, and will keep it handily beside the computer. Wouldn't it be great if the Grumble bbs had a 'save' feature? We could save our Margaret Mitchell-like posts as we went along. If framer keeps upgrading, there's no telling what we'll be able to do.

Thanks for the idea. I will surely utilize it!!

I was inspired to post that tip because I failed to follow my own advice last night and a truly epic post was Gone With the Wind.

Here's what I know about cars. You turn the key to start it. You push the gas to make it go and the brake to make it stop. You put gas in it when the needle has been on 'E' for the last 60 miles or so. That's about it. But to my 14-year-old daughter, I probably look like an automotive genius.

That's pretty much where I am with computers. I can start 'em up and make 'em go. Sometimes i have to leave one on the shoulder and hitch a ride home. Seriously, when I push that 'Add Reply' button, I picture Scotty transporting an away-team from the Enterprise to some weird new planet. Usually they arrive safely, but wouldn't it be a good idea to save a copy of the away-team in your clipboard just in case they re-materialize in open space?

I'm sorry. I'm tired. Good night.
Thank you Ron!!! What would I do without this increasingly thick notebook of print-outs of your computer seminars! And note to Framer: REALLY LIKE PRINTER-FRIENDLY FEATURE!!!!!

I still find it extraordinarily odd after so many posts, that the first time it happened to me was the Murphy's Law Thesis.

Thanks again, RON!!!!!
Warning: Off-topic and slightly Warped!

I was side-tracked by The Mysterious Stranger and now I find myself back here again to say:

Framar, I actually saw your monkey with car keys exactly a week ago. He was ahead of me in a pickup truck waiting for the light to turn green. I guess he got tired of waiting, 'cause he went through the red light, turned left to go the wrong way on a one-way street, then panicked and pulled into the exit of a busy parking lot with lots of cars actually EXITING. It was an amazing performance! Three potentially deadly moving violations in 15 seconds without a scratch!

I'm glad you liked the tip. Use it in good health.
I think that monkey was last seen in Ohio going north on I 71 on Sunday afternoon. He was guilty of tailgating and cutting in front in a manner that was far from the normal crappy driving evident on that highway. A total wisea s s. Sorry, I had to vent. I'm still fuming.

BTW Ron, thanks for the saving-the-post hints. That is what this topic is about, isn't it? I do get sidetracked easily!