Dark marks on white linen liner


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Mar 2, 2004
new york
Hi there-
I am new to this forum (and framing in general), and I'm sure this topic has been covered before - but.... IS there any way to remove small dark smudges (marks, stains. etc.) from a white linen liner? Does spot remover work? How about Oxyclean? Has anybody out there tried that? Any info you all could provide would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance -
Hi goodwood,

Welcome to the Grumble. If you are looking for an entire thread on all the good ideas about cleaning linen liners, good luck!!

Click here for a thread from the archives that might, I say "might" help you. (If you skip the part about the Tazmanian Devil!)

I've had some luck with baby wipes, just make sure to wring it out some.


And welcome to the Grumble!
Any advice we give here will certainly depend upon the composition of the stain e.g. whether it is grease, ink, fly specks, drool, etc.

Regardless of what you try on the "spot", you will probably end up having to clean the whole thing, so that cleaned area doesn't stand out from the rest of the liner.

In the long run, albeit more costly, you may end up having to replace it.
Welcome Goodwood! I must ask if that's all you frame with, good wood??? ;) Or could it be, a last name? Wouldn't that be ironic!

I digressed...re: soiled linen mat:
I once had the same situation. Hindsight is, by the time I made all the attempts to clean the linen and then the worry that on down the line, the area "cleaned" may discolor over time, I started with a new piece. I cut out the spot from the original piece and saved it for another project. So actually, my only money lost was the time wasted trying to save it! Ofcourse, there may be that instance when it's 11:00pm on a Saturday, Dec. 23 - no clean mats to buy as a replacement.....need I say more.

Nice having you on board! Good luck.
Hi Goodwood... If the soil is not a protein-, grease-, or water-based stain (is there anything else??... oh, yeah!) then try a clean, white art eraser first. Quite a bit of plain old surface dirt can be removed this way. Then use a soft art brush to wisk away the eraser crumbles.

If that fails, I also would try Kr2.

I've had quite a bit of luck lifting grime with masking or 810 tape. If you do that first then there will be less to smear if you try other methods.

Just lay the tape on the soiled and and lightly burnish the back of the tape and lift it off. Keep doing it until there is no sign of color on the tape.

If you use 810 tape you can hold it over something white and see what is being lifted, it's just not as sticky as masking tape.