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Dec 18, 2004
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So the other day as I was reading the Grumble I noticed a special high lighted link to a credit card machine sales place. Merchant something. The prices were clearly posted for purchase and were low as compared with many others on the web. I have used search and can't find the post. It was up to a week ago, I think.

I have a crapy machine that prints poorly when it decides it will read the card or not. It is the "new legal" kind but it is the worse. Any ideas??? I think it was offered to a grumbler as one of the items they needed to consider as they were new business owners.

Thanks for your help.
I'm still using a Knuckle-Buster. It's ok... I live in Maine...

Can you buy used stuff on eBay? I know my bank offered used equipment at bargain prices.
Can you still use a Knuckle- Buster as it makes an imprint of ALL the numbers? It's a no no here.

Thanks, that was the one. Great prices right up front...
Many areas have laws against printing card numbers on the slips. (some let you do all but the last 5 digits, others allow NO DIGITS and no expiration date for either customer or merchant copy)

I believe it becomes a FEDERAL law on December 6, 2006, for all but the last 5 digits.

I got my machine from Merchant Warehouse not too long ago. It has a great warranty (I think it was an extra 70 bucks), where they will replace it overnight if anything happens to it... including me spilling a drink on it. Anyway, it's a good machine, and was priced very fairly. I got the Hypercom T7 Plus.
Wow! I hadn't heard about the last 4-5 digit law! I'm going to call my bank today as they issued me the knuckle-buster. Thanks for the heads-up.
Chill a little Erin, check with your bank.

The last 4 digit is if you are using a link machine that captures the whole number electronically... but on a reciept it only prints xxxxxxxx1234.

But with a knuckle buster, you have to have all the number or you wont get paid.

And they can't outlaw knuckle busters because to many people use them in rural communities and where power and phone lines are iffy.
Danny i'm pretty sure you have lifesaver. sign up with powerpay and all you will need is quick internet and a printer both of which i think you have. they supply you with one card swiper.