CMC opening shapes


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Mar 4, 2003
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
One of the dangers of using a CMC is the temptation to overdo mat design. We try to keep things simple and elegant but, sometimes, it's too easy to give into temptation.

I'll preface this question by acknowledging that describing a given shape is not all that easy
, however:

For those with CMC's, which mat opening/corner shape(s) are your favourites (or "favorites") ... the ones you find yourself coming back to, and relying on, the most often?
-round corners Get of my way I'm on the edge crazy huh? I too try to not over do it.

There is one that I stole out of a magazine but im to shy to admit which cut it is!
I can tell you my least favorite is ovals..... I seem to break more blades cutting them..

But you are right, you can over create on a CMC.

Instead of tired fingers cutting mats by hands, I get a tired brain from thinking to much...hahaha or maybe its not from thinking but having too many blonde moments.....

have a great day
We use a lot of rounded corners more often than not, also, Jay. I have found, however, we need at least one sharp corner where to start the cut - otherwise, we have the potential problem of the closing cut not quite aligning perfectly with the opening cut, and making a tiny "notch" in the mat (hope that made sense).

Never broke a blade on anything yet, Marion - even on tiny circles, ovals and hearts. Sounds a bit odd that you'd be breaking blades - perhaps your machine needs to be calibrated?

Nice bunny, Ron!
Nice bunny, Ron!
Oh, rats, that was supposed to be a Labrador retriever!

Radius corners cut reliably with the Mat Maestro and it's a good look with a very small radius.

I once inserted a blade backwards and it broke, but not before it cut a long, ragged trench through both the mat and the slip sheet.
I never have a "notch". I can sometimes see where the blade stops vs. where it started though. I usually file it away!