Business Opportunity in Southeastern PA

Al E

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jan 21, 2001
I have a photograher friend who frames his own work. We became friends after meeting at high end art & craft shows. I was impressed with his framing (he does his own)which is head and shoulders above that of any self-framing artist and would satisfy most grumblers.

He is exploring having the framing done by a shop or home framer. Pieces range from 8x10 to 32x40+ ,most are framed but the smaller can be matted only. He requires the strictest standards and could generate 400+ pieces per year, 200+ of which are framed. I have not discussed any pricing. If you are interested let me know via email and I can have him contact you. I am too far away from his studio.
I should have been more specific as to location:
Maximum of one hour from Allentown, PA.
Head an shoulders above ... Hm, you made me curious as to what his frames look like. May I ask what exactly "high end art & craft shows" mean?
You used "head-and-shoulders-above" and "high-end-art-and-craft-shows" which are magic words to me. Can't expect me to miss that, can you?
Hey, Al, please don't forget to tell me about those high end art and craft shows. I wish I know more about such events.

I like to define the hea&cs as: 1 excluding buy/sell, imported, manufactured; 2 juried for excellence 3 attracts an affluent clientele 4 superior sales . This is done by Sunshine Artist magazine, Niche mag, Art Fair Sourcebook et al. It is subjective, not so much because of the quantifiables, but most try to define "high end".

By hasa I mean he uses ONLY cotton rag, acid free t hinges a/f foamcore Lineco blue paper backing, tasteful, well joined wood frames with a nice filet etc. I guess it was an understatement.
See, Al, I usually am out of the country for many month each year, and when I return I am busy seeing my clients. I thought it would be nice to go visit a hea&cs myself when on the road if it happens to be more or less on my route and schedule.
I miss a lot in terms of shows and fairs (maybe this is why I am being so "unique" ;) ). But if I am not there myself, I still can send my son with a "spying mission" on what's going on at such gatherings, the very way I'll do it with NY frame show a few days from now.
As I said in my email to you, I am interested in talking with your photographer friend. I'm awaiting your response to my email.

I didn't receive the email from you. Send it as a private message on TG or post it here. My email works fine and I received quite a few responses, but not yours. Sorry if the mistake is on my end.
To all who responded:

I forwarded all the responses to Rich Nelridge, the photographer. He expects to start contacting you within 3-4 weeks. His website is

If you haven't heard form him by then, contact him.

Good luck.