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I found some Pictures of stuff we have done over the years.with the help of my daughter i have set up a web page where you can view the 20 pics that i thought showed some of our best stuff. if you have any questions just ask I'll try to answer .I didn't mean this to seem like a vanity thing but I thought this would give a good look at what we do "IF YOU WHERE INTERESTED" if not I'm done.LOL
Buddy.. Thankyou, what an inspiration. Wonderfull presentations.
Just now though, makes me really jealous and just wish for a CMC.
Please keep adding to this collection.
Buddy - You have some very nice pieces that you have done. Thanks for sharing.

I am curious, though, in the sales process - how do you handle the creativity aspect and the cost... On some of these I know I can't design on the fly... and have to internalize before the creativity flows completely on a particular piece.. and fortunately I have customers that I can sell to that way - others are reluctant - as am I if I am not sure of the design solution/creation!!

Thanks, Roz

What CMC do you use??? and do you do your designs in the CMC program or do you use a CAD program???
Merlin Thanks but don't be jealous ,if i can do this so can anybody else.And none of this was done with a CMC .In fact most of it was done years before I ever had one(Maybe 10 or more ago).
Roz; Most of these are shop models that were done for Needlework competitions.However When we do these for clients I just say "you know what would look good cut in the mat?"As for the charge I kinda guesstamate how long it will take to make the carving and charge the time x the shop rate and add it on to the other charges.We ask them to visualize or we show them a shop model or some of these Photos.I guess i just have a feel for what will make them happy?because i do it on the wing .Most of them won't stand for being added to the estimate latter so they need to KNOW NOW>
Curly, Your pictures are very inspiring. I need to get out my Dahle cube or exacto knife. I almost do better with the exacto knife.

You did a wonderful job with your website.

I was impressed and inspired when I thought they were done with a CMC. Your response has left me awe struck and speechless. . . . . :eek:

I bow to you sir.
To all of you the credit for the website goemake the computer do almost anything ,not like her illiterate Old man and she is self taught,now if i could just tare her away from Disney and teach her to frame.LOL
Susan it's ben a LOOOOONg time since anyone called me curly in fact soon there won't be any hair at all(Or did you see my recent photos,I kinda do resemble that avatar.LOL)
Walt I still don't use the CMC as I should .I'm trying to learn CADD and the new Wizard shows real promise on cutting things as small and scrolly as I do with my "DEXTER MINI CUTTER"But Not yet.
Colleen That is the words i strive for with all my designs;"Your work is great and it really makes the needle art shine."I really feel that we can do intricate work that enhnces the Art work and since we do a LOT of cross stitch this is a must,with a lot of it's empty margins.
By the way a great deal of the Needle work is my wife Marie's.I got my start decorating her entries in the INRG needleart competitions.They actually told her they were tired of her winning one year.
Take a close look at the Box. Everything in it is made of counted thread fabric and floss.It even had a gauze stream with fish stitch in the underlying layer.Of course i embellished it by adding a button that when pressed it played a electronic music box that played "It's a Small world" .We All thank you for the compliments.
BUDDY,Marie and Gina
Buddy, I am amazed! At first, I thought it MUST have been done on a CMC. Especially the V-grooving.
Great work, my friend! As we say in the South, "The boy knows what he's doing!" (The boy meaning YOU, of course!)
OOPS!this mumbo jumbo:'To all of you the credit for the website goemake the computer do almost anything ,not like her illiterate Old man and she is self taught" was suppose to say:To all of you the credit for the website goes to my daughter,who can make the computer do almost anything.......
Maybe i should have let her type it as well or done the text in word perfect first as Ron has suggested.But i'd have found a way to mess that up as well .Thanks for understanding in spite of all my shortcomings.
Buddy, Buddy, Buddy...YOU are the one, along with Marie, I suppose, who did the framing! That's what I was praising, as, I imagine, were most of the others.
Your daughter did a fine job on the site, too, but ol' Buddy and/or Mrs. Buddy did the framing, I imagine.

PS: If you find a white, albino 'possum, in the woods, in a hollow stump, be SURE you wean him!!! (A little Justin Wilson joke, there)
Nice Work Buddy,

You can tell this is not a Maryland Blue Shell Crab Feast......


.....'cause that would be Old Bay Seasoning instead. I've never figured out why you guys down there boil the crabs instead of steam them?

John (formerly from the Chesapeake Bay area)

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John Now i am deeply honored .The first tip I ever got at a Framing competition came from you way back in san fransico 15 or so years ago.But i still haven't won a thing Nationally.
Our Blues are just like yours this one is just BOILED. We do so to get more of the ZATARANS inside the crab.If you search you'll se i didn't even Know what "OLD BAY"was.Did anyone ever tell how to tell the females from the males from the top?They have painted finger nails.The claw tips are red instaed of BLUE like the males.I know you are a Home brewer what do you think of the "DIXIE" ? have you ever had a Blacken or Crimson VooDoo Brew by Dixie?Good hearing from you and THANKS for the compliment.
Buddy- These are beautiful. Do tell... What is a "Dexter Mini Cutter" and where do I find one. I am inspired! Thanks.
Molly ;
a Dexter Mini Cutter is a chrome plated hand -held mat cutter.It is about the size if your Palm and has a notch on the side where the blade is installed in a turn screw,and is visble while makeing the cut.I am sure you can get them from United but I don't know the Catalog page or Part number.It may be avaiable from other suppliers as well.In fact there are other hand held cutters but this is my preference.I cut from the rear of the mat after makeing graphite tranfers from drawings and that is why I like the chrome since the other brands tend to pick up graphite and smear it on the mat when you least expect it.I also like the Mini over the smaller models (Dexter and others) since I have big mits and I tend to get Cramps when trying to hold these tiny models like the cube or the junior.
Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy,

Not Curly, Not Curly, Not Curly, Not Curly, Not Curly, Not Curly, Not Curly, Not Curly, Not curly, Not Curly
Susan : your right on BOTH accounts.LOL
Charles BUDDY (not curly at all) Drago
Buddy, These are tremendous. You are a true artist. I especially like the porch door and the teapots. Good job. I used to want to hand carve mats. Now I am happy just to look at them.
Emibub and Wally thanks .I thoght My work had lost interest.By the way a lot of the Cross stitch is the work of my wife Marie(espeially the house wiith the gingerbread trim and the teapots.)Her Crossstitching is what got me to do carved mats and framing.I was Too cheap to pay another framer .LOL
Beautiful work! It's that type of "craftsmanship" that got me interested in matting and framing. But the class I took only taught how to use a regular mat cutter. We never got into hand held cutting. Can you recommend any books that teach freehand cutting? Thanks for sharing your work.

Buddy, I've gone back to your sight repeatedly just to feast my eyes on your beautiful craftsmanship in your matting design and free-hand cutting! Marie's needleart is really gorgeous. Bet the backs of her stitchery look as good as the fronts. The two of you compliment each other so well in your interests.

I am also VERY interested in any tips on using the Dexter cutter you described. I share space w/an artist and we've just begun sharing some of our space with another artist that paints furniture, glassware, mats and picture frames and......She's gonna be a great asset. She has a nice local following that spends $$$$$! These two could come up w/some beautiful designs if I knew how to do the cutting.

Thanks so much for sharing. Kudos to your daughter on the great job of posting the pictures for us to enjoy.

Janet and Denny Thanks Once again.In regaurd to instructions ;I really don't know of any formal books that teach what i do.I sort of improvised when trying to imatate brian wolf and I realized i couldn't come close.
I use a dexter Mini Cutter mostly because (As i have said before) it fits my big mitts better with out causeing cramps.I also like the fact that it is made of Chrome ,which doesn't seem to pick up the graphite from my pencil when i draw the openings.I draw on the reverse side of the mat to prevent any scuffs.It's critical to remeber not to draw lines closer than 1/4 in since the bevels might meet on the front.But most important is to use the sharpest blades you can and to keep the blade MOVING VEREY SLOWLY through out the entire drawing.It's important to keep moving since stops will cause chatter from the blade starting over again.Slowly is important since it is easier to maintain control and less likely to cause the sharp blade to run or slip where you don't want it to go.I make most of my drawings from the simplist images i can find that look like what i want,since all you will se is an opening or no opening (Kids Coloring books are agood source as are clip art.)I tranfer a lot of these that have ben enlarged or shunk on a coping machine ,by taceing them and rubbing graphite on the rverse image.Then i Use the reverse (Sense I'm drawing on the back of the mat)to tranfer the tracing to the mat.
as you can see there is no real Rocket science and most of it is by the seat of your pants.Also Brian will never need to worry but the clients are satified (Until i show them His stuff LOL).I hope this helps some what ,if not let me know what you need to know.Janet you'll need to ask the Artist for drawing lessons .I just get by there.
Thanks for your further comments on this Buddy! I'm not gonna begin drawing, but my artist pals sure could do some neat stuff and then I could do the cutting (if I can master that little cube). We all share our ideas and do whatever we can to make each other's work looks it's absolute best. I truly enjoy sharing the shop w/two very talented people. Seems we all compliment each other quite well.

Going to find that cube today!

Thanks again Buddy!