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Acrylic Dome & Dried Flowers


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Feb 13, 2003
Just put the finishing touches on a preserved
bridal bouquet and noticed a few specks of the filler flower on the dome. Any suggestions
on how to knock them off without taking the
entire piece apart?
G'day Colleen,

Well this usually works for my deep convex glass domes, and bits of flowers the assemblers occasionally get on the inside surface.

Give it a good strong flick ! (Caution: Can hurt)
Or a sharp wrap with a knuckle.

Of course, being acrylic, there might be some static involved.

Good luck.
Since the flowers are dried, you are wasting your time tring to get it compleatly clean... It will leave more droppings before she gets it home. Dried flowers are dead. They WILL fall apart! Ther is no "If, and or but".

Trust me on this. I worked in a craft store for 22 years.