A tape question


Jun 7, 2004
Canada\'s west coast
I'm not a framer but would like to stretch some canvases. I have had it done before and they used a black cotton or linen tape to finish off the outside edges...I'm looking for the name of the tape and where I can find it. Can anyone help me out in finding out more about this tape and where to get it. Your guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
The self-adhesive black tapes that I have tried in the past don't stick too great to canvas and they are mega-expensive.

Try finding some black grosgrain ribbon at a good fabric store. Then you can staple it or glue it into place. There was a thread a while back about Gallery Wraps that had some additional ideas on finishing edges. try the Search feature.

Or just staple the canvas on the back of the stretcher and paint the edges black. A heck of a lot easier than finding and attaching taspe or ribbon!
As an alternative, you could stretch the canvas on 2" smaller stretcher bars, and have the image wrapping around the edges. Place your staples on the back instead of on the sides.

And if you get really desperate, you could actually frame the painting. :(