40 Yr Old Newspaper

Leslie S.

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Apr 11, 2002
Waxahachie, TX
A lady has brought in a newspaper to be framed for her son's birthday...she has saved the newspaper from the day he was born, and he is turning forty! The paper is already yellow but not too brittle (yet!). She wants to frame the real thing (into antiques and all that)instead of a copy, and furthermore wants the part of the paper not showing to be put in an envelope on the back, so it can be accessed and read.

So what is the best mounting method for this item? Would a mylar package on the back of the frame be approriate for the leftover part or would a rag pocket be better? She also has saved papers for her other kids, and wants to know how to store them until it they turn forty ( a couple of years).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I agree with Jerry. I would also use Mylar to surface-encapsulate the page you are framing onto Artcare board. This will give it stability and slow the deterioration of the paper. Then you can mat and frame it as you wish.
Since your customer is into antiques, maybe you can sell her a water-gilded frame.
You could float mount the entire newspaper in Melinex 516 clear film. It's like a Book Mount, except that the 'binding' is the fold, which is at the bottom of the mount. So, wrap the vertical film overall, and the horizontal film under the front section. Side flaps go through vertical slots in the mount board, secured to its verso.

Or you could wrap the whole newspaper in Stabilitex, using archival polyflute as a slightly-undersized backer. Attach the fine mesh fabric to the verso of the backer with electrical grade hotmelt glue.

If none of that makes sense, go to the "Complete Guide to Shadowboxes & Object Framing" Thursday morning at DecorExpo-Atlanta. Samples will be there.
I just framed a newspaper from 1917 in mylar. It was a great idea to encase it in mylar, but it looks so glassy. The black mat didn't help either, I suppose. If I change the glass to a non-reflective glass, will it cut down on the shine from the mylar?

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Thanks for all the replies. Jim, unfortunately I won't get to Atlanta until Friday morning, so I'll miss your class
I have encapsulated other newspapers in the "book" mylar mount, and that is probably how I will proceed with this also. I agree with Susan, though, I don't care for the shiny look...can't you talk the folks that make the clear film to making a non-glare version??? ;)
Framers sometimes complain about the glossy look of clear film mounts, but customers seldom do. They're just happy to have a supportive, non-invasive, attractive mount. If you come up with a better alternative, let me know.

You could use Stabilitex as described above. No gloss with this fine-mesh fabric; it's almost invisible. But it's not as sturdy and costs more than clear film.
Susan, I don't think non-glare glass would help with the gloss from clear films. I remember being disappointed with the effect of non-glare over high-gloss photos.
Thanks Ron,

I was thinking about putting a new piece of non-reflective glass in the project. Maybe I will wait until my customer sees it before I try it. Thanks. Susan