Your favorite screw

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
I know, this is "out there", but I like to use 4 x 1/2 ROUND HEAD screws for super hangers and WallBuddies. Have to use size 6 round head on 1-hole D-rings because the 4 head is too small. The flat heads don't sink flush into the super hangers.

What's amazing to me is I can't find local vendors that carry 4 x 1/2 RH. Either I find something else that's workable or order via mail.

So, what do you use?
weekend of the Atlanta show Sept of 2000.....oops thats not what you meant ...carry on
Time out, Sherry!!

Steph, that along with the "I'm an in and out kinda girl" reply on the Typical Female thread is gonna get you a real reputation around this neck o' the woods!! :eek:

I meant to ask is an "in and out kinda girl" the same as a "wham, bam kinda guy"??? ;)

(And all this going on in a checkout line at Wally World!!!!)

OK, Sherry, time in. Second down and eight.

Steph my first response was along the same lines, then I noticed this wasn't Warped!

I use a **** of a lot of #6 1/2" philips pan heads, 2nd is #6 3/8" pan head, and 214 screweyes.

Hate slotted heads!

Does anyone use #6 robertsons?
My favorites are #4 panhead Phillips screws, 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4". I buy them "in bulk" locally from an industrial distributor of fasteners.

Did you know that $200 worth of screws would fit in your pants pockets?
what an apportune moment........

Does anyone use square drive screws.

UNITED - what is the possibility of having some square drive screws(pan head) # 6 x 3/8" through 1"
Originally posted by Framerguy:

I meant to ask is an "in and out kinda girl" the same as a "wham, bam kinda guy"??? ;)

LOL...sorry my eveeeel twin made me do it...I saw the subject header, and well...I tried walking away...but couldn't! Sorry Sherry.

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Sherry Fastenal has them. Take your pick.

9014 N. 23rd Ave. Suite 5/6 Phoenix AZ

701 W Deer Valley Rd. Suite A-10 Phoenix AZ

3905 W. Van Buren Suite A-9 Phoenix AZ

4411 S. 40th St. Suite D-3 Phoenix AZ

Dang Jim, are those gold plated?

Carry on.
oh and FYI I like 6x3/8 & 6x1/2 best pan head of course!
I don't know who's doin' it but I just got in 2 pieces for reframing with the wire STAPLED onto the back of the frame!!!

I use a ton of offsets and use panhead phillips #6's in both the obvious sizes for them and the hangers/D-rings.

I use the #6 1/2" or 3/8" length pan-head screws - either Phillips or Robertson, whichever I have on hand.

I've seen the same, and stapled with staples like as in Swingline desktop staples. At least if they used Stanley T-25 or 50's it would be a little better!

Does anyone DITH their wire? ;)
Originally posted by Jim Miller:
Did you know that $200 worth of screws would fit in your pants pockets?
Yes Jim, but it depends greatly on the size of Trojens and whether they are rebuildable or just toss offs.

#6-1/2" champhor set, no-cam Philips $21/1,000.
When I opened this thread I needed a much more lewd topic to have taken over and Steph was the only one I could be sure to have picked up the gauntlet.

Thank you Idol Steph!

I have no idea what size screws I use until I almost run out. When I opened the store I tore off the lable from each box and taped it to the bottom of the drawer that the screws are in so I know what to reorder.

On a personal note her name was Wendy fresh off of a divorce and much older than I was at the time. (WAY prior to getting married for me) The craziest 3 months I can remember but I don't remember a lot of my 20's. Thank god for video!
Slight frankenthread

So what do you use on your favourite screw?

I use a rechargeable elecric screwdriver and I hate to say it, the best one I ever had was a black and decker.

When it died - my framer dropped it - I fixed it so he dropped it again, I could not find the same one and went through several before I used a bit of lateral thinking and went to a car spares store instead of a DIY store and found one similar, an 'own brand' but it does not hold the charge for very long at all and came with a 100 piece accessory pack of mostly useless bits.
ASK and you shall receive!

I asked three vendors if they would consider carrying 4 x 1/2 round head (pan head) screws. ONE of them stepped up to the plate!!

SOUTH MOUNTAIN MOULDING in Tempe, Arizona has ordered them and I'm thrilled!!

See, it's really not that difficult to please a woman.
We use three favourite sizes, 5 x 1/2", 5 x 5/8' and 5 x 3/4' all flathead, all squaredrive (Robertson) - well, I AM in Canada, eh.

And to follow the slight frankenthread, we have three Black & Decker rechargeable cordless screwdivers (that's a good image, but i meant to type screwdrivers
). They were one of the best things I have bought (before the CMC) - they are easy on the wrists (so is the CMC but more $$), bright orange for easy finding (I don't often lose the CMC even tho it is green), and best of all they are "articulated" - they bend in the middle when you press the right button - for those framing jobs being completed in especially tight surroundings, low ceilings etc. Just kidding, the bending features are handy when I steal the screwdriver from the frameshop to do one of those other jobs that are always needing to be done - such as something under the kitchen sink, and that reminds me. This screwdriver even has a light for those dark moments!! All this for only $29.95 each

On the screwdriver topic ... I have three Black and Deckers that run off 4 AA batteries. The batteries last about three weeks and I buy them in bulk. I tried the rechargeable ones, but found I was waiting for them to recharge too often.

I like these. I think they're a little lighter than the rechargeable and they were only $9.95 at the B&D outlet store.