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"You Made His Day!"


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 21, 2005
Carson City, Nevada
I spent all afternoon framing a huge old "Elvis" canvas banner. Thought it looked pretty good, considering the shape it was in (bad, but hey, it's Elvis!) Thr man came in to pick it up, and wants me to take it apart and "fix" it...less than 1/8" "off" on one side and he "just couldn't live with that". The banner is out of square, people! I couldn't convince him. I'll take it apart, but it will still be out of square.
Put a damper on my day.
Then the phone rings and it's the mother of a young man whose father brought in his college graduation diploma, his valedictorian cord and his 2 fraternity gavels to frame in a shadow box for his birthday yesterday. I really enjoyed working on that. She called to tell me how so happy he was with it, and that it absolutely made his birthday. And then she said "You are truly an artist" (blush)
So...I'll take apart Elvis and remember how happy I made a young anthropology graduate on his birthday, and once again remind myself why I love being a framer!

You will always be known as the woman who took Elvis apart!

Now, who else can claim that...
Better to be known for that than for some other things I've been know for...I'll take that one! Thanks Paul!
At least your day picked up, Val when you received the phone call from the mom telling you how pleased her son was with the shadow box that you did. Wonderful feedback like that is what keeps us framers going somedays.

P.S. good luck on your upcoming hip surgery.