Help You have been kicked from this room???????????????

Larry Peterson

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Resource Provider
Apr 8, 2003
Wilkes-Barre, PA
I have seen this popup box several times in the last few days. Does nothing. I just click on the background window and it goes away and I go on my way. But Why?????

Oh wow. I'll have to check that out when I get back.

It is most certainly a bug in the new version that we installed a week ago.

NO ONE has been kicked from any rooms. By calling it a "Room", I think it is probably a bug in the chat software product.

I haven't seen that pop up, but it has been duly noted. Mike is still in Vegas so it will have to wait until he has time to check it

Has anyone else seen this message?
I haven't. I visit from desktops.
OK. I looked into this issue, and it is indeed a bug in the newest version of the chat software (which is something we added, from a different developer)

I installed the latest security patch for the chat software on Sunday at 8pm (from vegas), which I assume is when folks started seeing these false messages that they were kicked from a (chat) room.

I fly home tonight, but have temporarily disabled the chat feature until further notice.

The author is aware, and is working to fix it by the weekend.

Sorry about that!
Don't be. At least it was a "no harm, no foul" bug.
Yeah, and you weren't "Slapped in the face with a trout!" either...
Only very longtime Grumblers will know that reference.
I'm at the airport and the fix will be applied within ten minutes, when laptop boots
Patch applied, bug squished, chat system service restored.

If you see that again, please let us know.

It's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

I was on theG for a bit, made a couple of frames and came back to this.

Yeah, it looks like the bug in the chat room software wasn't eliminated with the patch.
It will be most likely shut down until it is fixed.
FWIW, I seldom ever use the Chat Rooms and have been nowhere them when these messages appeared.
It's all intertwined with the primary software as far as I can tell.
It seems to be randomly having fun kicking us out of the G's email system as well. That's the system that alerts the support team to someone needing help with logging on and such.
It stops when the Chat feature is shut down.
Yea the chat is on the bottom of the main menu, so it does open. Maybe I can just take it off there for now, so you won't be exposed to it.

One other person on the author's site said it was still happening, but no one else. It was believed to just be an old cache of the former code, in the person's browser.

Ill reset all of our server caches, just in case it is still out there, and check back with the author.

Is anyone else getting this message in the past couple days?
I just blew away all of our cached server pages, in Litespeed. Let me know if you see that again, and I'll dig further.

The author made some changes also, that I just applied.
We also opened up the chat room with more access for all, and added access to a secondary chat room for asking questions of the AI BOT.
I just got it again but at least the message has changed. I now know that I have been kicked from a chat room I never entered.

Just got one again. The one above was at home, this one is from my shop.
Most of the time see that there are only a couple of folk in the chat rooms. Right now it shows 25 and most of them I have never heard of.

Is it also showing the AI chat room tab? (/AI CHAT)

I did open up the security a bit so it will show people in chat. It is at the bottom of the main menu.

The author is stumped why it is doing this, but is working on it. It seems that maybe you are the only one currently getting this message
I just got that message again.
Browsing on my phone.
Trying to recreate what I was doing when it happened but can't seem to get it to come back.
I should have taken a screen shot.
I enabled additional chat permissions for the 2 extra groups you are in, Larry, in case that could be a factor. (DP and Resource Provider)

I will let the author know again
ok, we have yet another new bug fix/version, as of 730pm EST tonight.

If you see it again, let us know! (Yes, we have said that before) ha