Yikes! Scratches in acrylic!

Leslie S.

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 11, 2002
Waxahachie, TX
Do you ever get those projects that, the instant they come through the door, you just KNOW they are gonna cause trouble? The pain du jour is a full size American flag, flown in Iraq. This puppy is pretty large, and required acrylic glazing (OP-3).

Don't ask me how, but there are now noticable scratches down one length of the glass. Does anyone have any super-secret-squirrel remedies for scratches in acrylic? The clients are supposed to pick this up tomorrow, and I don't have any more plexi in the store that's big enough....
I use the Novus brand polisher. Sorry, Leslie, I'm not at work and can't tell you the exact name of the product, but it works and you can buy it in lots of stores. It is in a white plastic bottle with green on the label. It is thick and I put a small amount and rub across the scratch with my finger until it is gone. I use my finger because it doesn't absorb the remover like a cloth would.
Hi Leslie,
Just like jframe I use Novus as well. It comes in two types, # 2 is a "fine" scratch remover in a red bottle and # 3 is for heavy scratches. Start with # 3 and then use # 2.
You can also call the customer and let them know about it.Tellthem they can take the piece home, (if they absolutely have to have it now!) and then order a new piece of plex. Sometimes honesty is the best policy; most people appreciate it and your effort to make it. right! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
For really deep scratches you will have to use a very "fine" grit blue sandpaper with the heavy scratch remover. ( I think around 1200 grit not sure)

Sand with the polisher and sandpaper in a circular motion in the area . It takes awhile but deep scratches will come out. I would "practice" on a SCRAP to learn the technique.

I have had to take deep scratches out of made to order expensive acrylic showcases and it works well.