Yet another plasma tv thread


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Apr 25, 2005
san francisco
I have browsed a couple of plasma TV threads and don't know if this topic has been covered. We framers are always concerned with the preservation of our art that we frame. We use the right materials, hinge the art correctly, etc. I was wondering if encasing the sides, even if the is some ventalation gaps allowed, if we are in fact hurting the life span of these TVs by not allowing them to have the ventalation that the manufacturers designed them to have. I personaly have very expensive home theater equipment and I know that it is very important to not let the equipment over heat. So I was just wondering if we should make some sort of accomodations to help with vetalation when we are creting frames for plasma?

Any thoughts on this matter?
Ventilation is a serious issue. A two inch gap completely across the top and bottom is required for natural air flow. If you enclose the top and bottom, be prepared to replace the TV in the near future (you can use the old frame!).

If the TV must be enclosed and is mounted to the wall, you will need at least 4x 60mm fans (slow turning via resistor) mounted at the top of the frame and several passive vents at the bottom. It should be controlled by a 90 or 95 degree automatic thermoswitch. It is NOT as complicated as it sounds.

If the TV is mounted INSIDE the wall things are a bit more complicated. If the TV is above the fireplace (that is where about 50% of large plasmas go), you must be quite careful.

There are several articles I have written on our Company website dealing with this subject.

There is even a schematic of the "vent-assist" ventilation system we use in our Beam-splitter mirrors. It should be helpful.