Ya open on Sundays?


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Jun 7, 2004
This place is pretty slow today. I'm thinkin ya'll left me here to suffer while you're enjoying the great outdoors. :D

I don't have permission to post a poll -
- but I was wondering how many folks are open. I have 2 shops and just this one is open, basically because it's better than cleaning the fridge. Didn't get a soul in here today though.

I have a few customers who enjoy coming in on Sundays just because it's slow and they get to spend more time here uninterrupted. Others like to come in because they know it's the only day of the week I'm guaranteed to be here and they like working with "the owner." Or they just like me but that's rare, haha. So, all in all, it's worth it, if only from a customer service angle.

Sometimes I get as bored as a doorknob though.
My store had been open seven days a week for over 20 years. I finally decided to close it on Sundays starting January first of this year. So far, it does not seem to have affected my bottom line. I am in my 60s and I just decided I want more than one day a week off. I don't think I will ever re open on Sundays again.

We did OK on Sundays. I think most people who where Sunday shoppers just switched over to another day to come in. We did post a notice on our door that we would come in Sunday by appointment. Haven't had any takers yet.

I used to close on Sunday's between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It confused the customers. It seems like every time I think I'm ready to close up again someone comes in and drops $500.

The by appointment thing is really a good tool. I bet someone takes you up on it sooner or later. I offer it for early mornings or after close. It doesn't happen often, mostly because I think it intimidates folks into thinking they need to spend a lot. The upside is, actually, people who use it end up spending a lot.
I'm open by appt on Sundays. Surprisingly, when ppl make an appt., they spend alot. They like the uninterrupted attn. and most times it's for several framed pcs. I'm also willing to stay late for appts on wkdays. That works out well for ppl that have to drive from neighboring cities to their home here in Johnston County.
we are open on sundays, but mainly because we are in a tourist town and everyone is open 7 days a week. Not much in framing on sundays during the summer (lots of gift sales), except rainy days, then we see local framing customers. I stay open on the weekends year-round mostly to accommodate my local customers who work all week and can only come in on the weekend - I figured it was all about customer service. I do consultations before/after hours-in the store or in their home.

I got an old Weber Charcoal Grill and try to always cook a nice ribeye steak lunch about 2pm on Sunday afternoon. Then I layback and relax the rest of the day with the wife. Work on Sundays, NOPE! Every person I worked for, that was open 7 days a week, was not happy with themselfs and it showed. I got to take time to enjoy what I got or I slow down and it does effect business.

I'm closed on Sundays, although I do go into the store and work sometimes.
I have had someone come in and browse once or twice when I was in the store on a Sunday afternoon. They didn't buy anything and haven't seen them again.

I offer appointments.

And after many years of being open on Thursday evening til 8:00pm, I have that time off as well.

People used to ask what evening you are open. I would say Thursday and nobody would show up! So after about 3-4 years of contemplation, I am no longer open on Thurdsay evenings. I now get very few calls about evening hours (less than one every couple of months).

If I do get a call about evenings, or even Sunday hours, my response is that 6 days a week for me is enough. And yes apointments are accepted.

By the way, my 2 appointments for Saturday did not show up. The weather must of been too good.
No, but that doesn't mean we don't work on Sundays now and then. Just yesterday we spent about 4.5 hours doing some drymounting and glass cutting for a 60 piece order.

We're also available by appointment - so that means after hours, before we open, Saturday afternoons, Sundays, whenever they need us....
Jerry's right - 6 days a week is enough, that 7th day lets us catch up at home.
We're not open on Sundays, and I'm glad. I need that day for Grumble catch up. Oh, and for laundry, cleaning, and cooking.

We are usually open 10-6, but on Mondays and Thursdays we are open til 8.
The place I slave, erm, work for is open 7 days a week. During the summer, most of NYC is empty, so we close on Sundays. Thank God. I hate working on Sundays...
Yep Sharon, that's the prevailing attitude. When I run more than 1 location that's open on Sundays it's very hard getting people to work and be happy about it. In strip centers I prefer to close. If I'm in a mall that has mandatory hours, late Sundays and holiday's included it's absolute ****. Yaknow, they fine you like $100 per hour if you don't open, or if you even open late.

It's completely understandable though. Folks who have a family have few opportunities to have a day together. Married folks want a day together and if only one is a retail employee that can be tough. When people refuse to work on Saturdays that's the real killer.

I used to forge deals with the staff. 2 Saturday's and 1 Sunday per month. Then someone would have extenuating circumstances or flat out go back on it and refuse after being hired and all **** would break loose. I've had to fire people over it. No doubt, more of a management failure on my part but, c'mon, if you apply for a retail job how can you really get probematic about weekends? I don't look back on those days fondly and much prefer having just 2 shops and a handful of career framers.
No. Definitely no.

Being open 6 days a week is certainly providing the customers with enough time to come in. I was open 10-6 weekdays, 10-8 Thursdays and found that in time NO ONE ever comes in after 5 pm. And I haven't had a customer on a Thursday evening but one time. So I changed hours to 10-5 weekdays; 10-7 Thursdays and have Mondays 10-2. Funny, Mondays can be busier that other days - who knows - people take a long weekend, or have gotten their stuff together over the weekend and then act on it...

I am considering changing Thursday to 10-6.

I realy want to post a sign saying "I was here - you weren't - so come back when I am here" - only joking of course!!

No Sundays. They are sacred.

Originally posted by Rozmataz:
Funny, Mondays can be busier that other days
Same here. I'm open m-fri 9-6 and sat 9-4. I find that Mondays are often my busiest day.

Sundays? Forget about it, not in my lifetime. As someone mentioned earlier - work to live, not live to work.

I will always refuse to open on a sunday.Got church to go to.We work six days and rest for one.Its how it was meant to be.

But I only work five and a half days.
Aye an' Begora, Reynard!! (That CAN'T be a real Scottish saying!!)

I have never been open on Sundays and never will. The Good Lord deserves one of my days for just Him and me. I even throw in Mondays alot just to make sure that He is covered.

You don't have to kill yourself for the sake of the almighty buck. And it won't get you where you should want to go anyway so why not take a day and just attend a church and relax with your family. The family unit in this country is in a generally sorry state as it is and doesn't need to be further fragmented by Mom or Dad spending all their waking hours in a frame shop. Plus, it is just good sense to take some time for yourself and your family. Unless you have been denied that priviledge in your life, you don't know how fortunate you are to be able to sit with your kids and just share your life with them and teach them about this world and just be there to share their growing up with them.

I have so much pity for some of these kids today who carry a key to their home just so they can get in of an evening because their parents are both working to make ends meet and keep their "toys' in the driveway or give their family all the "necessities" that have come to be so important in today's society. This isn't to infer that all or any framers are like this but it is a period of time that won't last long and, once it's gone and they are gone from home, you may look back with alot of disappointment that you didn't spend as much time with them as you could have.

Sunday was always a special day for my folks when I was a kid and I still believe in keeping that day for God and the family.

no sundays!!!i think seven days will make you regret things, and make you miss out on the other important things. and i am quite happy to say that the shop i work at is open tuesday through saturday. i worked for about a year six days a week, not too great. Saturday is mostly for customers, not much work. we on occassion will go in monday if we are busy, but no retail folks then. appointments are always welcome.
Sorry. I have a story.

When I was growing up, my dad came home for lunch nearly every noon and, since the school was three blocks from home, so did I. He was generally home for supper and most evenings. He played golf on Saturday morning and the rest of the weekend was for family. We always took a driving trip during spring break and rented a cottage for 2-3 weeks in the summer.

When he retired 35 years ago, they had a big party for him and he had to make a little speech. He said he really loved his job and the people around him. In fact, his only big regret was that he didn't spend more time with his family.

My sister and I were astounded at that but, apparently in his mind, it wasn't enough.

Of course, he didn't know he'd still be around at 97 to spend time with his family.

I've always made sure I spent time with my family, whether they wanted it or not. My wife works odd hours as a nurse, so I was often the one in charge when our kids were little. Then there was a brief period when they could look after themselves for a few hours.

And now that they are both teens, I think it's more important than ever to keep an eye on 'em!

The longer I'm in business, the shorter the hours get at the shop.
Open on Sunday? I don't open on Monday either! I went from having three stores and 33 employees to operating a one-man show. I work relatively long hours and usually throw on the open sign when I'm here unless I'm in the middle of something I can't leave. I'm profitable for the first time in three years. I realize that I get little production work done during the days and make frames, etc. in the early morning or evening hours.

If you love what you do it really isn't work.

I also enjoy having my three kids, 12,16,18 work with me occassionaly. I'm available for appointments, but rarely do people schedule them. They seem to be fine coming to me 5 days a week and I'm quite busy, thankfully.

Some people may think I lead a dull life because I do work seven days a week, but it is worth it.

Sundays and Mondays are some family, church, some fun and catch up both at home and work.

I like not having employees and hope to remain small. I know how to fix the problems I cause and have had enough of "employee loyalty" from my past business. I won't grow rich this way, but... as my grandfather's mission statement read; "...not to become wealthy, but to grow rich in the esteem of our customers and friends".

For me it's working 5 days. I, too don't live to work. I also don't accept that 6 days is acceptable, either.

How many of us go to a restaurant on Sunday, or shopping on Sunday, or travel on Sundays or stay in motel on Sundays or go to Atlanta for Decor/Expo on Sunday(I hope you do I think I am teaching a class on Sunday)

It's not Sunday that's the problem. It's working too dad-gummed hard for too may days a week for too little reward.

There is the challenge

Thats definitely not a Scottish saying!!

The Sabbath was always keenly observed in Scotland but this has all been eroded away apart from in the islands where the Free kirk minister would be down on you like a ton of bricks if you tried to do anything on a sunday.

I remember being in Oban and managed to hit the one and only nightclub in the town and we were getting along fine and having a laugh when all of a sudden someone pulled the plug and the lights went up and everyone spilled out to go home.It had just struck midnight and it was now Sunday.Quite a weird experience when you are used to partying till three or four in the morning.

Even the resident DJ Funky Dunky looked stunned. :rolleyes:
I believe Sunday is the Lord's day & He commands us to take a day off to contemplate why we are living and appreciate how good He is to us. I think its a sad think that our nations ahave gone away (for the most part) from the "observance of the Sabaath".

I have found that its my favorite day, away from the grind. Wouldn't think of working it - I'd close down if I had to!

Appreciate a lot of the comments re family - good stuff!
Sunday? NO, that's the day I go to my other jobs.
The frame shop is open plenty Tu-F 10-5 Sat 10-2. You get 'em trained and if they have a bit in their mouths to see you with several pieces, they can make an appointment. The Thai restraunt is next door and they have good cheeses and wines in the market across. There is plenty of good evenings available to take a little time.....
But Sunday & Mon are when I clean carpet or make furniture....

Busy hands make for healthy mind.

I take the days off that I want when my wife can take time also. It's the pay back for working 8 jobs.

Happy Matting
My current hours are 10-6 Tues - Fri and 10-2 on Saturday. But, I come in many Mondays and the walk in traffic is surprising! My shop is in a section of the city that has a significant Jewish population and they don't shop on Saturday and would prefer that I open on Sunday. I need the opportunity to take two days off a week. I often work all seven, but don't want to have to. I hope to be able to hire help in the not too distant future. When I do I will ask if they are willing to work on Sunday. I would really like to accomodate my Jewish customers. I think it was Vivian that said something about setting our hours to meet the needs of our customers is an important part of customer service. We are about customer service, right?
Cliff, it's always going to be a balancing act, and you do need to address your customers' needs. If you listen, they'll tell you what they want.

Your hours are very similar to mine, BTW.

I don't think we'll find a lot of Hobby Lobby fans here, but one of the things I find interesting about them is they are closed on Sundays. The one here is within a block of one of the largest regional malls in the state and a short jump from the Ben Franklin store, so I think that's a bold move.