Xtra Charges for xtra openings besides the mat cutting?


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Jun 13, 2002
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I am working on a multi-opening mat - 8 to be exact... and it just occurred to me that this is alot more work...
do you usually charge more in addition to the xtra charges incurred for the xtra windows? or does that cover it...

By the way, I am having to remove from previous mat and put on my new mat.... hmmmm, think I should've charge a little more...

Thanks for input...

An Eight opening mat :eek: or eight multi-opening mats

We only charge for the xtra opening - $3.50 per opening per mat after the first one. Of course, if we've got to undo something there's the "unfit" charge.

When in doubt we'll kick up the labor a bit if necessary. Gotta love the Wizard - the CMC makes it sooo easy :D


Pre-CMC Days: We used to charge $3.50 per rectangle opening; $4.50 per additional oval/circle opening; A layout charge of $5-20 if the design was "complex". If all 8 openings were the same size and aligned, there would probably be no layout charge.

Post-CMC Days: We now charge a flat $4 per opening regardless of the shape. To the CMC, an opening is an opening is an opening.... A layout charge exists in our Specialty Charges in our POS system, but it is seldom charged. Design on a CMC is just too dog gone easy!

As a side note, we charge another "specialty" charge for lettering cut into mats, and do not charge each letter as an opening. Names, etc., typically are charged an additional $10.00


We're pretty much the same. Four dollars per additional opening, with no set up fee. Thank you Eclipse.
I charge 50 cents to $1.00 per extra opening. The charge is based on the estimated time it takes to make all the cuts. If a mat has, for example 24 4x5 uniform openings 6 from left to right and 4 up and down (6x4=24), i would charge 75 cents per opening (75 cents x 24= $18.00). These extra cuts would take about 10 minutes to mark and cut out. However, if the 24 openings would be some of different sizes and layout (some vertical and some horizontal) then I would charge $1.00 per opening ($24.00 extra), which would take about 20 minutes to complete. If more than one mat is used, the charge for extra openings applied to each mat. If i would charge $4.00 per opening and instead of $1.00 per opening, the charge to my customer would be $96.00. If i would charge that much in my neighborhood, i would no longer be in business.... lol
Years ago (back in the dark ages) we never charged additional for extra openings - I was young & foolish then and it took me awhile to realize that multi-opening mats took more time & additional thinking

I saw the foolishness of my ways - we now charge $3.50 for each additional opening. We use a Fletcher 2100 - no CMC (yet)
Andrew... I'm in a neighborhood that can't tolerate high prices either, but we still get $3.50 per opening. Some people here would "gulp" at a $96.00 mat... sure. But it's a specialty item that can be time consuming. Plus, there's a lot of room for error if cutting by hand (oops, there goes another mat board!)

And, it is a custom mat! That's gotta be worth the price of admission.

Try compensating yourself a little bit... maybe stretch it to $2.50 to start. Your time is valuable.

Good luck!
Sorry Andrew... my last post should have been directed to Roz.

Using an antique C&H (non CMC), we charge $3.50 for the second opening and $3.00 for each subsequent opening.

If the design is really complicated (or if we don't particularly like the customer) we may charge a $15.00 "design fee", but we rarely do that.
If it's a triple mat do you charge 3 x 4.00 for each extra opening?

If the second mat has 2 openings within each single opening of the top mat what do you charge?

If each opening is a non standard CAD designed shape, what do you charge?

If the top mat has a lattice work texture cut requiring the CMC to make 760 cuts, what do you charge?

Are you using your CMC to it's potential?
To everyone,

Thank you for your input... you gave me info to think about as far as layout charges and complexity....

The lingering question comes into the next stage of the process.... after the mat is cut (and we have charged accordingly!!!)...

what extra charges might one put in for the attachment/hinging/mounting of all the pieces for these multiple openings??? That's where I think I need to add in extra charges... what is your take!??!


Each item in our pricing software has a place for a number in front of it. This number is set as 1. If the number is entered as 0 then there is no charge - for example 0 in front of vee groove means no vee groove or 2 in front of spacer mean charge for 2 spacers. So the number in front of fitting or mounting can be entered as 2 or 3 or more depending on the complexity of the job. 2 doubles the charge, 3 triples the charge etc. with a multi opening job of say 10 photos in a 10 opening mat I would put a 2 in front of mounting and double the charge. If there were 40 photos and some text under each this charge would probably go to 4 or more.
That sounds like a great pricing system. What software is that?

We charge $5.00 per opening, no mater how many layers of mat there are.

We should probably charge a design fee for more complex things, (like if we had 28 different sizes and shapes) but that hardly ever comes up.
If the mat is complex the customer will expect to pay more so charge more. So many dollars per opening no matter what is too simple - be a hustler and get a few more bucks whenever you can. Your POS software may be leaving dollars on the table.

If you have to spend a few minutes designing a multi opening mat get creative with the design and the price.

Our software is home grown - does what I want it to do and if it doesn't I change it.