Would you accept this?


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Aug 7, 2005
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First of all, sorry but I can't seem to get the first picture any smaller like the other two.

I have an order to do a whole bunch of frames with multiple opening mats. I did one for a sample on my matcutter, but doing all of them would take way too much time. So I contracted with a wholesale company to cut them on their CMC. This is what I received.

First the openings are approximately 1/16" smaller than what I had specified needing, and I had stated that the exact size is critical.

The cuts are hooked:

The corner bevels have 'indentations' from, I guess, the blade pushing into the mat:

Here's a picture of the sample I cut myself:

Would you accept these mats? Is this how a CMC cuts? I'm trying to decide if I should chance if my customer will accept this.

Thanks for your opinions.
No, no, and no. Asking your customer to accept them will reflect poorly on you. Contact the company and ask them to re-do them.
I wouldn’t accept it, and yes that's how a cmc cuts if it's not adjusted correctly.
Btw your first pic is just a dot on my 20" screen
Whoops, it seems I got the first picture so small that it's invisible. And now I can't get it big enough to see.

Oh well, you could still see the hook in the other picture that did work right.
Sometimes you can run your fingernail down the bevel in the corner and the hooks will straighten out near perfect. In my case it was because the blade was smashing down the fibers at entry. Don't know about yours, they are pretty hacked. And since the openings are the wrong size...
They need to recalibrate their machine. It's done in the software and isn't difficult. You aren't being too picky.
I agree with all the responses re: the bad corners.

In terms of the 1/16th smaller - I've had two rulers be that much different. Perhaps your subcontractor should measure the openings and see if they get the same difference.

You shouldn't accept inferior quality from your sub. any more than your customer should accept inferior quality from you! After a little CMC 'tweaking', all should be fine.
Just curious. How does recalibrating help with this? Wouldn't this be caused by a dull blade that gets flexed or mashes down the fibers as it enters the board?
When you see something like this happening, it has to do with many things in the CMC:

Blade not adjusted correctly for Undercuts / Overcuts, blade too deep / too shallow, the backing needs to be replaced, dull blade, etc.
Originally posted by JohnR:
Just curious. How does recalibrating help with this? Wouldn't this be caused by a dull blade that gets flexed or mashes down the fibers as it enters the board?
Their blade seemed to be ok, at least on the one pictured. When the blade gets dull lines develop lengthwise in the bevel of the board. I don't see those in the mat that is pictured. They will eventually rip little divots out if it gets really dull and also tear the facing paper.

Paul is right. There are settings to step up or reduce the amounts of over or undercuts at the corners. If these are not correct then one result is that the mat will hook. Blade depth is also an issue, as is the slip sheet. It sounds complicated but it isn't. For example, it takes seconds to check the blade depth. You just hold a beveled piece of board up to the blade and push on the blade holder to plunge it, check it visually and turn a screw if it needs adjustment.
A CMC is a lot like a manual cutter in terms of cut quality. That is, when the cuts are hooked, the problem is often caused by A) loose/sloppy cutting head, B) dull blade, C) blade too far into board, D) poor slip sheet.

If I had those results from my mat cutter, I would find the trouble and fix it before any customer could see such poor work.

MarkyW, I suggest you locate another framer with a CMC who takes better care of it -- and his customers. How far are you from Columbus?
Don't accept them. It will look like YOU do substandard work.

I agree with the others. Do not accept these.

Now a bigger issue might be what to do next. I would have to really think hard about whether I would even want to continue on with the company that shipped you this sloppy work. Clearly they have no one in responsible for Quality Control, which does not fill me with a lot of confidence. If I were to have them to replace the order, it would be under the understanding it is right or it will be returned to them for the very last time.

Their initial response to this problem will give you a good indication of what to expect.

We use a company called MatShop and while we have never had a problem like this, we once had a problem where the top and lower colours were reversed. They seem to have a no-questions asked policy. Just based on my call, they replaced the entire order immediately without having to "see for themselves". That is a reaction that gives me confidence.

Thanks for all the opinions.

Everyone said what I was thinking, but I just needed confirmation on it. I called the supplier the day I got the mats in, but the person I originally was talking with is out of the office until Monday. I will tell them absolutely not acceptable and give them a chance to make good. If they are hesitant about it, I will look to someone else because I don't have the time to be playing around.
obviously, this is a situation could happen on any CMC......however, do you know what one they used & how long they've been using it???????