World war II


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Mar 10, 2004
Just a reminder in these troubled times throughout our world ,that world war II started in Europe on 3rd Sptember 1944.
Unfortunately it could, so easily, happen again.
I am so sorry, I wrote my words whilst viewing reports on the Chechen 'rebels' attack on those poor children at their school in Russia.

Of course,World War II started in Europe,on 3rd September,1939.
Thanks for the reminder, Alan. WWII pre-dates most Grumblers, so it may seem like just another piece of history, like WWI and our 19th-century War Between the States.

The Russian school terrorist standoff is a stark reminder of how ruthless and cruel some people can be. I heard on the radio today that the terrorists -- women among them -- were shooting young, hostage children in the back as they attempted to escape.

At least here in the USA, I'm afraid that too many citizens don't understand how fragile our peace is. With one notable exception, it's been over a hundred years since the blood of war has spilled on American soil.

Everyone sees the events of 9-11-01 as tragic, but I think many Americans don't realize the hatred that day's events represent. Muslim extremists aren't interested negotiating peace on any terms. They simply want to exterminate us. We live in a very dangerous era.

Most of the time that kind of hatred seems surreal. Not today.
I'm not sure of his exact words, but Michael Reagan during his speech at the republican convention said something like this...."...freedoms extinction is only a generation away". Kind of made me think that what we have is very unique and precious....but also very fragile.
Whoa, that's a weird thought.

". . . only a generation away".

Could you imagine President Barbi Bush and VP Jenna. Two drunk JDs for the price of one?

I'm going to gym and try to sweat that thought out of my head. Thanks for the info FB51.